Saturday, September 9, 2017


So much has happened in the last few weeks, I just decided I would throw a bunch of pictures on here to show ya what's been going on around here.

In NO particular order, whatsoever. (I just downloaded them all on, and whatever order they popped up, that's what it is!)

Tiring out Corrine.
Pick up's from the office every Friday!

Rain Season HAS ARRIVED.

Not sure who tickles me when cooking breakfast, they both
say its the other.

The third and last season started for school. Mo and Daddy
go to get their hair buzzed together. I found this pic on Thierry's
phone and it cracked me up, the look on his face.

Some dear friends who visited, brought Thierry a
guitar. So he has been loving learning to play it.

Our dear friends Kassie and Ben, who are incredibly
talented musicians came. And we got to spend a few
days with them. Always a blast!

We blew up 100 balloons for Thierry's birthday.

And I am pretty sure he thought we tried to drown him, when we
stuck him on a paddle board in the rain in the lake to celebrate
his big day!

We found some new short cuts to get to some home visits.

We had dinner with friends, well lots of meals with
friends who flew over the Ocean to come visit.

We visited the moms in vocational school, and
Ubumwe for the disabled. We have three moms,
with disability, who have an amazing chance in Gisenyi
at Jessie's place, and Ubumwe.

We were crazy blessed by a friend with two nights away
in Akagera national park. We had one amazing day, reading,
praying, connecting, napping, and listening to the monkeys
run across the roof of the tent. Hippo's in the lake by our tent.
And just some time away as husband and wife, with no kids.

We rejoined the world, the next day to go on safari with two
amazing visitors.

We got to see sponsors meet the moms, babies, and families
they have been praying for and partnering with for over a year!

Solange got some awesome jobs, from her vocational training
from Hope For Tomorrow, and a sewing machine. We love
seeing her reach her dreams!

We had some trainings at the Hope For Tomorrow office, from
visitors. Nurse GiGi was able to teach the moms about
infant care, child development, and many other things.

Program lunch is always a big day!

We got a pic with some of the moms and babies and kids.
Though we are missing 4 moms, 6 babies, and quiet a few kids.
And since this picture we have added three new babies/families to the
program! We are outgrowing our office quick!

We had good conversation and had our visitors dip their feet
in the volcanic hot springs in Gisenyi at the lake.

We took some family pictures, because we could.

Uwera and Ishimwe are both on staff at Hope For Tomorrow.
They are AMAZING, and we couldn't do it without them.

3 Bible studies, 2 literacy classes, 1 English class, throughout the week.
Investing in the future of the families of Hope For Tomorrow.

And just because Moses is just the cutest at school!

After getting our last three visitors off to their safari,
then to the airport. We decided to introduce Richard to some
friend cheese things at the Indian restaurant. He is addicted.
Rightly so.

After months of going, and so much amazing exciting things.
I spent an entire day in bed. Blaring the worship, sewing, taking a few
naps, getting into the word, listening to sermons. Refuled!

We had so many amazing donations. We got busy
arranging, organizing and getting them all put away.

Monthly, we put in a huge order for program. Our sponsors help
provide... infant formula, milk, infant cereal, porridge, sugar, and
fresh fruits to the at risk infants in our program.

Uwera the mighty mama, staff, and daughter. Helping to organize
and put away all the amazing donations for program.

And life is settling back in, as we go back to home visits,
bible studies, home life, etc.

As always, all donations are tax deductible -

Feel free to send me an email with your home address if you would like to get
our monthly newsletter.

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