Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Holy ground, sweet Esme.

I dont even know where to start. 

It was holy….

It was messy….

It was sacred….

It was hard….

It was a long day(s)?. Of possible inductions, and possible cesarian. We followed a midwife behind a curtain, past the screams of birthing mothers feet away, separated merely by that curtain. “You know your going to have surgery right?” the midwife proclaimed. Uwera retorted back “Why do you want to do surgery? Explain to me the reasons?” When the stunned nurse replied “We think the baby can be big, and your look small, maybe.” Uwera clicked her tongue and responded “I want to try to do it myself first.” So we agree’d that labor would be induced at 6:00am sharp. (She has become such an amazing women of God, with such a strong voice!! I have been amazed watching how she has used everything to stand strong, and dig her feet into the ground in the things she is passionate about and that matter.)

We went back to the room of active laboring mothers…… 

There is a small room with three beds. It just happened to be a time with many moms in active labor. So at any given time there was between 6-12 actively laboring moms in the room. When I found out they were not going to induce here I tag teamed in Ishimwe, and decided to encourage Uwera to try and get a corner of a bed to sleep as much as she could, and I would go home and try and catch a little sleep, and then would be back by 5:00am. 

After coming home, grabbing some quick late dinner, tucking the kids in bed, and finally falling asleep…. yep, you guessed it. 3:00am, my phone rings. “Tina, Uwera was vomiting, and has the very very strong pain, she says she needs you now.” So I did what any mom would do, and hopped out of bed, grabbed my jacket and purse and started trying to find a motto at 3:30am. I got to the hospital by 4:00am, and after some assurance, encouragement, we had a spot on bed. I was a human body pillow, or punching bag. They had moved a mattress onto the floor where 2-3 women were actively laboring. One was leaned against my leg and would randomly slap my leg. I told her “Do what you got to do. Squeeze my leg, slap it, rest on me. No problem.” Uwera had her head in my lap, and another women on the other side would alternate between slapping my arm, squeezing my arm or hand, and slapping the wall. 

We put on worship music on in labor room. It was surely holy ground. Uwera would grab my hand, squeeze me… “pray mom, pray!” 

Around 5am she fell asleep with her head in my lap, occasionally being awoken by contractions. But she rested. Till she popped up and said “Something broke.” Which I retorted “Nothings broke, everything is normal.” “No! My water broke.” We thought we had a long road after that, she wasn't dialed much. Thierry came, and I tag teamed with Ishimwe so that I could go talk to Thierry, about 8:25am. Then I get a call that the Dr was going to check her and she wanted me. I went back and she was insisting they check her. The nurses were insisting they just checked her at 7am, and she was no where near dialated enough. She looked at me and asked for them to do a cesarian. Right then I looked down “Is that the head?” 5 minutes of pushing, and Cyubahiro Cynthia Corrine Esme was born at 9:05am!

They laid her on Uwera’s chest, and she gasped, with tears “Mom God is so good! God is so good!” I cannot even tell you how incredible she was. What a trooper she was. No pain meds, not even a Tylenol. She was an amazing mama, that left me in awe. She said “I did it….. I cant believe I just did it!!” “I did it!!” 

It was holy ground……

It was hard…..

There was pain….

It was Sacred…. 

It brought forth new life….

And when Esme was born, a mother in Uwera was born too. A rock star mom might I add. I have been awed to watch her. 

(Side note- she asked me to write the birth story, and post it.) 

Sunday afternoon. . . 

Hospitals here are quiet different. It took us almost
all day on Monday to run around and get everything done. Little did
we know she already started active labor. Braxton hicks got us
all confused. 

Including running around to get all her supplies,
from IV's to IV fluids, to vitamin shots, to surgical gloves. 
In active labor. Seriously? 
Worship music playing, resting between contractions, moments
before her water broke. 
Wonderfully and fearfully made.
Cyubahiro Cynthia Corrine Esme. 

Wasnt to happy about being born. 

If you cannot read that, she was a whopping 3.85kg
For those unfamiliar with kg, thats about 8.5 lbs. 

Grandma carried her back to momma from
being weighed. Though momma was getting
herself collected. 
Proud rock star mama. I am in awe!! 

Ishimwe was always there, sleeping in the hallway,
or always a step away in case Uwera needed anything.
Best friend level - pro. 

From the time I held Uwera's hand in her 6 week ultrasound,
and saw the "babybean" for the first time. She has been
the baby bean. Only natural she would now be baby burrito. 

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