Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter on African time

Well since I was gone for Easter, we decided to do Easter a week late. So we had Easter dinner with out friend Tara and her boys.

Our late (by American time) Easter pic
Our Right on time (by African time) Easter pic

Easter dinner cooking and baking. Uwera is concentrating
on keeping another bun in the oven for another week or two. 

The kids first ever Easter Egg hunt at a friends

So proud of every egg found!

First we let the two little ones search for their eggs,
then we let the older ones out to hunt for eggs. 

The Egg hunt is on!

No one is going to get this boys jelly beans! This picture just
cracked me up!

Because life is not picture perfect. But its about the people in it.
I may regret some things in life, but I know I will never regret loving people,
investing in people, and never regret making my family priority.

Laughing about daddy sneaking Easter Eggs into his pocket. 
It seems kind of fitting that I got to have two amazing Easter dinner's this year.
My life is pretty divided between two continents. Two time zones.
I miss America when I am here, I am down right home sick for Rwanda when I am there.

This is my familiar, America is my foreign.

I would be lying if I didn't say my heart is a bit of a mess, as usual.
But I am so glad to find myself in this amazing crazy international life.

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