Friday, March 10, 2017

Program, Engagements, babies, visits, birthdays, oh my! Th

Life lately has been going at light speed. I have been looking at my husband lately, going.... "Is it really already.... *fill in the date*"

Time fly's when your having fun! Here are a few things we have been up too. . . .

Rebecca turned 12! 

January 2014 the day she came

One week after the big 1.2. This is so her.
She loves her fashion! She loves to laugh. She is so full
of adventure, sparkels, laughter, and so many questions
that just are so deep. Our little walking commentary. ;) 

Moses turned 5! 
(I am seriously unsure how this has happened!) 

Three week old munchkin!
He has gone through the biggest growth spurt in the last 6 months!
But this pic is SO Moses. 100% this kids personality. Wild, fun,

Uwera has a mini arriving May 17th!
Although I think the due date is off, and
we will find out more at her prenatal this morning. 

Uwera also works at Hope For Tomorrow.
Practice with a mini, while this ones mom was in
literacy class. 

My brother got me an amazing Nikon Camera!
So much here I want to dig into! On lesson 4 of
235,786,123,654.3 in my Kinyarwanda book!
What the expect is for trainings at program.
And the other two books were gifts from a dear friend Randi. 
Hope For Tomorrow is going well. We are now at 11 families and 18 infants!
In fact, we found out that infant mortality has significantly dropped since we
began the program! From 23 the year prior to 2 since the program started!
 Its quiet a few balls to balance in the air somedays!
But between us and Uwera, we get it all done!
If you are on my mailing list for my newsletters, we have an
awesome story of one of the moms who started in our program from day 1,
and what God has done in the last year in her life!
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Bridgette and Flora are being...
well, Bridgette and Flora. Always keeping the house
full of laughter and fun. Rocking their terms at school!
My brother got engaged on a volcano in Congo.
It worked out so amazing! I got an email from an amazing photographer Natalie Crane
(photo credit!) that had mutual friends, and was wondering if we had
a spare room, as she planned to hike to volcano. It just happened to
land when my brother was here! So it all worked out AMAZING! 
We went on an amazing safari as a family!
We stayed a night right in the safari park, in a tented lodge.
It was an amazing and great experience for the kids!

Was our last morning with my brother and my sister Amy.
You couldn't do it better than breakfast on the deck,
while a monkey comes to steal sugar from the sugar dish.
We made so many memories and laughed so much!  

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