Sunday, January 15, 2017

God of wonders.

Its been awhile, huh? I have been changing things up a bit on my little corner of the world, and have been doing most of my updates via a monthly newsletter. So if you want in on that cool snail mail in your mailbox, shoot me a message with your home address to and I would be happy to add you to that list.

What has been on my heart lately, is how faithful the Lord is. How many of his miracles and promises fulfilled I have been watching unfold in front of my eyes! One of my girls fiancee was in an accident. And less than two months later, he is back in Kigali at work. Guys, I am just floored. Two brain surgeries and some major traumatic brain injury. God surely has been at work! It was quiet the roller coaster ride, and it just tore up my mama heart to watch my girl struggle, and not be able to fix it for her. But one thing the Lord has been teaching me, is I cannot even heal myself! Only he can. He is so faithful too.
The day he was released from the hospital.
We petitioned many prayers during his surgeries, and
his recovery. 

One of the x-rays of the crack in his skull. His brain
was jolted so harshly in his skull, that a large blood
clot had formed on the other side of his brain,
which had to be removed. 

This picture is a couple weeks old. Just before he went back
to work in Kigali. I was awed to see him regain his strength,
ability to walk, talk, eat, etc. It was less than a month,
before he was back to being independent. A true work of the Lord!! 

This morning I came across this in my bible. As I was adding to my list
of prayer requests and answered prayers. I had to smile, and one of
the verses I have watched the Lord unfold in my life is Psalm 113:9
"He settles the barren women in her home as a happy mother of children."
I had no idea back then....... 

This house is never short of seats around the table.
God indeed is faithful. 

And getting a little peak at my grand daughter, being knit together
in her mothers womb. I downloaded an app on my phone, and every
week it tells us where she is in her pregnancy and whats happening.
I am amazed, as the Lord knits together LIFE! 
Watching hope unfold. Two of the moms in Hope For Tomorrow,
who have special needs will begin at a vocational school for those
with disabilities. And will be able to receive therapy (physical, speech,
vocational, music, etc) We have loved watch them get encouraged,
and find the abilities they have. 
A few months back we started literacy classes at the office.
This particular mom, a few months back was learning the
alphabet. The hard work and determination she has put into her studies.
The other day I watched her write the words she learned in alphabetical order.
And I just sat back in awe of her incredible hard work. 
And watching her daughter be encouraged and inspired by her mom. 
And the best thing I never knew I wanted.
This man is such a big blessing, and work of the Lord in my life.  

One of my favorite pictures, so Theirry painted it and it hangs
above our bed now. A nice evening walk with my man. He strong
arms are that of protection, comfort, and refuge. He leads us
in the word, in worship, and in Christ. Two people, one path.
He has blessed this family so much! 
I am going to try and do a currently tonight or tomorrow.

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In Christ,

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