Sunday, January 29, 2017

Currently so far in 2017


Eating- Oh, oh, oh. Smores at the tea plantation with friends and the hubs. Pickling all the things. (beets and dill pickles!) And Rolex’s! (African flat bread, cooked into an egg, rolled up in all its yummy goodness!) This question brings many exciting diverse answers! 

Reading- The 19th wife. (things like the FLDS has always sparked my curiosity.) Its an autobiography of one of the "prophets" wife, who escaped, but also her mother and father were one of the first in the FLDS faith, even when celestial marriage and plural marriage was introduced and how that all went down.

Missing- people! Normally I come home to the states once a year, and its coming up on two years now. My feet are a itching, my heart is lonesome for some people. Basically I want to hug your neck till you have to pry me off with a crow bar. But its odd knowing that going home to the states to visit, also isn't going back to the same people or places I visited last time. Overtime its walking into so much that has changed. As also someone who has changed. But that won't stop me from hugging your neck till you have to pry me off with a crow bar!

Crying- All the tears. Frustration, loneliness, relationships lost, and a deep missing people. But also tears of joy. Unto everything there is a season! Last night one of the girls was joking that she was going to take me shopping. And we somehow decided we needed to make the dog African fabric shoes, and she tilted her head at us with a "huh?" look. Oh my gosh guys, we all laughed so hard, literally B and Rebecca were ON THE FLOOR. We laughed so hard we cried. Even Thierry had tears in his eyes he was laughing so hard. Or perhaps its his head cold, poor guy.

Listening- THIS. Andrew peterson... constantly. But this song... oh my heart. Just, just listen.

And have also been listening to the rain, my goodness. Apparently rain season did not get the memo, it still begins in April. The last year and a half, rain season has been so temperamental and off. 

Dreaming- Some really big dreams. We have been praying about purchasing land here in Rwanda. But thats all I will say about that for now. Also dreaming about my brother visiting in February. Oh how sweet it will be to hug his neck. It has been many a years since I have had a chance to hug that geek. We are planning many adventures! 

Drinking- Truth be told, I decided to stop drinking soda. In fact I watched Fed UP about sugar, and have pretty much swore off added sugar since. So black coffee and water about does it for this girl these days. 

Torn- Guys I still cannot get over that Moses is in school EVERY WEEK DAY! I miss him LIKE CRAZY! But he is doing so good. Yesterday I said "Moses you need to do your homework today." of course it wasn't till after dinner, I was like yeah, I should get on that. So I opened his book, and HE DID IT himself. And it was all totally correct. Of course it wasn't hard, of writing his name, the letter A like 9 times, but also matching numbers correctly. I was like "Did you do this?" "Did Rebecca help?" "Did daddy help?" I went and asked Thierry "Did you help Moses with his homework?" Kid is just too smart! And my heart breathed this huge sigh of relief every time I pick him up and see him having fun in class, or running around with other kids having fun. And to hear his teachers talk about how social he is, and how he talks about "Teacher Sharon". My heart grieves a bit, and sigh a sigh of relief a bit. 

Sleeping- So if you know me well. You know the true test of my emotional state is usually how well I am sleeping. Other than this recurring dream of taking a plane to Brussels to get a mocha frappe, and now included is Reeses in this dream, then getting on a plane and flying back to Rwanda. Been sleeping like a rock. I think we all have been in this house, school and ministry have been tiring this family right out. Bedtime, were ready! (Can someone figure out how to send me a Mocha Frappe, and also frozen Reeses pieces and or Reeses. Apparently this is a long standing issue!) 

I continued to just be awed and amazed at how the Lord provides ALL our needs according to his riches and glory. Me and Thierry have had some bumps as every marriage does, but man, it just keeps getting better and better!! Friends who FaceTime "just because I miss your face", oh my word, my heart. You have no idea the good you do this heart! My missions org and home church. Friends here and across the ocean. I am blessed. Sure I could focus and sometimes do on the frustrations. But I think the Lord was onto something when he says "Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy -- think about such things." Philippians 4:8. And I have so much to look back at and praise the Lord for, and look forward too in great anticipation. 

I haven't been updating the ministry blog, since we are working on a webpage! YAY! So thankful to friends who know how to do that stuff and friends who donated the domain to us. But you can also keep up with ministry or me on Instagram HopeForTomorrowRW on instagram and Tinaz35226. Or you can keep up with ministry on Facebook at 

And since we started our nifty monthly newsletters by mail, you can email your home address and I would be glad to add you to the list. 

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