Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My Rwandan mom

She lives near one of the moms and babies in the program. 

One day, she approached me. 

She told me she loved me for what Jesus does with me.

She asked me about my mom. I told her my biological mom passed. 

But I have had many moms along the way. 

She asked me if I had a mom here. I said no. 

She told me "Then I will be your mom!" 

"You will visit me when you can, and I will teach you old Rwandan games, 
and how to cook old traditional foods, and teach you old proverbs." 

I smiled and accepted her offer and asked what can I bring, as is culture. 

She threw her head back in laughter and said "I dont have enough teeth 
to chew!" 

Her stories are heavy with wisdom and experience. 

Her hands wrinkled and soft, and her touch tender and sincere. 

Meet Rose (Rosa) my Rwandan Mama. 

I never want to snap pictures, out of respect. 

Today we swung by during home visits, and today she asked me 
if I would get our picture and print it out for her. So she can 
remember her new Rwandan daughter. 

She wants me to teach he some English, and she is teaching me
proper and old Kinyarwanda. 

I have yet to learn the games, but she jokes I have yet to bring her 
something she can chew. 

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