Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Whats going in our little corner of the world....

"How I love thee, let me count the ways."
Thats what I have written on the front of a journal, we write in daily, 
to tell each other what the other did that day, or something we love about
the other. The pages are filling up quickly. This man, his love is gentle
yet fierce. He guards and protects, and loves and leads. 
My favorite time is on the weekends when we all worship together, 
and in the morning when we go before the throne together. 
I often wonder how I got so blessed to call him husband! 

Once a month we do lunch, worship, encouragement, etc with all the moms 
in the program. I absolutely love that time with them . 

Lunch and devotion Mondays get really amazing, busy, and bless
my socks off. 

Look at how cute Ester looks. With as big a personality
as the country itself!! This girl! Oh my heart! 

Mama Giraneza is an amazing traditional dancer, 
she has taught me, but I can't hold a flame to them. 
I tell them all the time, to slow down, or they will burn 
off all their lunch and have no energy to get home! 

This scene just blesses my heart in ways I cannot express!!

Visits to the carpenter shop to get the desks, chalkboard, etc. Of 
course it wasn't done on time, which provided much more conversation
with these guys. I love finding these guys, and watching them work. 

Seriously they impress me so much!

One of the most exciting days ever! Getting the calk board and 5 of the 10 desks! 

Loading up the truck. I love when we load trucks! 
Oh be still my heart. Look what God is doing! 

I was giddy with excitement!! God is moving in some 
big ways! I cannot wait to get the literacy classes started! 
And to also bless the moms and dads with bibles. 

Our first doodles on the board. Compliments of mommy and Moses. 

Cant forget the grand bean! Where you will find me and Thierry
relaxing is often on the porch. Him painting or drawing, 
while I plug away at my latest sewing project, listening to either a sermon, 
a podcast, worship, or perhaps a documentry on Russian history, 
19th dynasty Egypt, Roman history, or something just as random. 

I loved how the quilt was looking with the sunset. 
Sewing and quilting, it just can't get more relaxing 
and recharging than that. Quality time with my man, 
as we just are together, both doing what we love. 

Guys, guys, we got FIVE packages this month. 
From new knickers for all, socks, and lots of fall treats!
The caramel apple pops did not last long in this house. 

We capped off in the program at 10 moms. 
Where in the world did we get 10 moms to be our cut off? 
Well, the program is very personal. We visit each mom biweekly at least. 
So in order to keep it personal, where we have time to meet and know
each mom, baby, and family. We can do 5 home visits a week. 
We can do program on Monday (soon on Fridays!) 
And still maintain personal relationships with all the moms and families
in the program. This is one of the new babes in the program, Florence. (one of twins)

This new mom and her EIGHT kids have captured our hearts. 
Her and her newborn twins have struggled with malnutrition. 
The twins are Emmanuel and Florence. 

Emmanuel all snug on his sisters back. 

I cannot believe how much they have all grown up! 
Nadia and Nadine, are sitting, cubby, bright eyed, and
have such a hopeful future ahead. It seems like yesterday, 
we head their mama's hand, while we held our breath, 
watching this little one get resuscitated in the hospital. 
Praise God, he is moving, guarding, protecting, and thriving
in the lives of the moms and babies. 

Our other new mom, and one of her twins. Jean DeMoure. 
The other twin is Jean Paul. 

Jackson was excited to show off his new crawling skills! 

Babies belong with their momma's. 
I can't imagine Jackson being anywhere else
but with his mama clapping and smiling with pride, 
right behind him, cheering on his every milestone! 

Jackson is also pretty darn proud of himself too! 

Now that the babies who we started the program with 7 months ago, 
are all now sitting, crawling, etc. It makes the program days quiet
a bit interesting. As we try to keep them all in one place! 

Emmanuel, (one of the new, newborn twins)

This little guy was cracking me up. 
Mugisha Muzee, you rock. 

And this Dorkus was playing a bit of hard to get. 
She was so much fun! 

This big family has big love, big faith, big dreams, and a big God. 
Man we have fallen in love with them for sure! 

The new newborn twins, Florence and Emmanuel. 

Big sister is pretty amazing with her new baby bro and sis. 

In Christ, 

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