Wednesday, September 14, 2016

This next family has lifted a veil of perspective of prayer in my life.

We need YOUR help to equip these families for the next step. Meet another family in our Hope For Tomorrow infant program. Give them the tool

I can hardly believe how much Nadia and Nadine have grown up since they first entered the program.

Since they entered the program, we have had the privilege to walk with the family through some tough times. 

Both babies were in the hospital at one point, and we held our breath as they resuscitated Nadine when we walked into the room that day. Which sent her on quiet the journey, and is still a bit smaller than her twin. 

I learned so much about prayer with this family. As at one point Nadine needed to be transferred to Kigali, but was actually too sick to transfer. Her pulse was slow, her breathing shallow, and they even had her under heat lamps because her body temp was dropping so much. That day I left the hospital, and had given the Dr and nurses my number and they assured me that if anything happened they would call me immediately. That night at dinner with the family, I glanced down at my phone and realized it had no network. I kept checking it, and it kept having no network. No one's network was working at all. I woke up in the middle of the night, and reached for my phone...

No network......

So I laid in bed and could not get myself to fall back asleep. So I decided to grab my bible and look up some scripture and pray. As soon as I snuggled into bed with my bible, the power went out, and the lights went with it. A bit frustrated that nothing seemed to be working, and worried about Nadine, I let out a humph. But then almost naturally went right from my bed to the floor. It was one of those ugly cries. I prayed for Nadine. I prayed for her future. I prayed for angels to intervene, for Christ to intervene. I prayed for peace for their mom. I prayed for wisdom and discernment. 

I held by breath in prayer so many times walking this
path with this family. 

The next morning Thierry came over, and as soon as he walked in the door, I nearly threw the coffee at him, and some bread, and told him to get his behind to the hospital and find out how Nadine was. (I had to get kids fed and off to school and had another mom and baby coming to the office.) When Thierry got home he told me. "God is working. Nadine is doing better. There was 3 babies on oxogen, and help to breath. But there was a problem with the generator. And when the power went out, the babies couldn't get the oxogen or help to breath. The other two babies died, and Nadine lived. She turned a corner, and can get the transfer now." 

All of a sudden it hit me like a load of bricks. I was up and ready to get into His word, when the power went out. Instead that was the moment that I got down on my knee's and pleaded at the throne of his great grace and mercy. It was the moment Nadine's mother held her, and fell to her knee's pleading before his throne. It was the moment, I am convinced angels intervened, and heavens grace poured forth. Every single time I see Nadine I see a miracle. 

When their mom first came into the program, she was exhausted, and unable to nurse because she was too malnourished to do so. After a couple months, of providing her with porridge, sugar, fruits, and other basic nutritional needs, we were able to no longer supplement with formula for the babies. Mama was making enough milk for both girls on her own. Later when we asked her about how the program has helped her she said "When my babies where in the hospital. Everyday you made sure I had food. You held my hand. You let me cry. You showed me more love than anyone else in my entire life has ever shown me. More love than my own mother who birthed me has ever shown me." 

Now that the girls are old enough, we are now providing cereal, and their mom is chartering with them into the world of soft foods like giving them mashed banana's and avocado. 

We have adored this family! Neither the parents are able to read and write, and both the mother and father desire to attend the literacy program. After being able to master some of those essentials, the mom will first attend vocational school for sewing. Then when she is done, she can work at home while the husband goes to vocational school for welding. 

We dont want to forget the fathers important role in the family. It is essential we equip the entire family, walk with the whole family. 

We never wanted this program to be simply "here is your formula and bottles, see you next week." We have always wanted it to be personal. Our hope and desire has always to share the gospel in both word and deed. To build foundations of relationships, and to equip them for whatever the Lord has for their life. To hand them the tools, and pray for them, and watch them take it and run with it. 

We still are hoping by September 26th (ahem, my birthday. What a great bday present indeed!) to have all the funding we need to start the literacy program and start send some of these moms and dads to vocational school! 

To see a breakdown of the finances and what we need click here HERE. 

To make a tax deductible donation click HERE. 

If you have any questions feel free to email me at 

Lets get this done!! Currently there is over 30 infants in our sector in  immediate need of help. And we loose the relational and intimate aspect of the program if we have too many moms and babies in the program. We are hoping we can get these moms and dads equiped and continue to walk with them, but in more of a situation of relationship and not immediate emergency need. And welcome in babies and moms who are in dire need of emergency assistance. 

ANY donation will be greatly appreciated. We are trusting to hit OVER the $2,500. And all proceeds over that will go into our emergency funds, for situations like the situation above where the family had immediate medical needs. 

A picture I took hiking to their village in the mountains for a home visit. 

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