Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thank you!

Guys, we reached our goal of $2,500 by September 25th!! 
Which means next month is going to be BUSY! 
We are registering 7 moms and dads in vocational school 
for welding, carpentry, and sewing. 
We are opening our doors at the office to 6 moms and dads
in our infant program for literacy school and inviting in 30
other people from the community to join in the literacy classes. 
We will be purchasing a large chalk board and 10 desks. 
We will also be purchasing the books, pens, and all the supplies they need!

We will be breaking up the classes on Fridays into four classes 
8:00-10:00am 10:00am-12:00pm with an hour lunch break, 
then we will have two more classes from 1:00pm-3:00pm and then 3:00-5:00pm. 
The moms who currently do pick ups for their infants nutritional needs
will now pick up also on Friday following their classes. 

We will also change the pick up for the moms/dads in vocational
school to Friday as well at 3:00-5:00pm during classes. 
As they finish their vocational classes at 2:00pm!!

We are so excited to be able to welcome more people from our
community into the office, and as they learn to read and write, 
to also be able to share the gospel and give them bibles on their journey, 
to literacy. The program set up by the ministry of education also 
teaches them about hygiene, nutrition, and all that stuff as well, 
as they are going by the curriculum of the program! 

I couldn't be more excited about being more busy next month! 
My birthday could not have been better than getting a chance to 
tell the moms and dads, that they would be able to start literacy or
vocational school. Being able to talk with the local government 
to be able top open our doors for literacy to 30 more people in our community. 

Thank you is not sufficient. I cannot wait to post next month as things
get moving and rolling! You are surely changing lives. 
You are changing many generations. And giving tools to this generation
to inspire, minister too, disciple, and guide the next generation. 


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