Monday, September 19, 2016

Moussa, the family you just fall in love with.

Moussa's mom has some major physical and mental disability. 
She has a vocabulary of maybe 15-20 words, at best. 
She can scream out an Amen, or Hallelujah like its no ones business. 
She is in her late 40's. 
She was abandoned by her entire family. 
Just wandered around begging, and often chased away. 

Someone noticed she looked pregnant. 
This amazing women, whom I have come to Adore, and strive to emulate. 
Took her to the Hospital, and low and behold she was 8 months pregnant. 
They did a C section that very day and delivered a little boy. 
They named him Moses in Kiswahili, which is Moussa. 

The first day I saw the issue. The first day I met them, Clautride (not the birth mom)
was putting Moussa to his birth mothers breast. The baby was crying.
He latched on quickly. The birth mom tolerated it for a minute, then start to stomp
and pushed at the baby. Obviously upset. Obviously trauma. 
There is no way this mother ever consented to sex. 

Clautride, with 5 kids of her own. Two teenagers still at home, but the other
three grown and out of the home. And two others I have met, that Clautride brought
into her home and raised that call her "mom" as well. 
She didn't just take in Moussa, she took in Moussa's mom. 
Which pretty much she took on a full time job. 

Moussa was born at 4.7kg. When he came into the program at a month old, 
he had reduced down to 2.3kg. Moussa was obviously not getting what he needed. 
Clautride tried to give him raw cows milk, which just caused vomiting, and diarrhea. 
Formula costing more than the average income, and lets not even discuss the costs of
bottles as well, clothes, and everything else!!

I will never forget about a month into the program, Clautride with a personality
as big as the country itself. Came clambering into the office, shouting, dancing. 
Moussa smiling and bouncing all over on her back. 
Moussa had GAINED weight. She had just come from Moussa getting his vaccines, 
and he had gained weight for the first time. 
My Moses and I (English for Moussa) and Moussa with Clautride. 

So we did what anyone would do. We all danced together. We sang worship. 
We banged on the wall as a drum, and we danced. 

Clautride is probably the most joyful, biggest personality I have ever met. 
Their home is filled with laughter. And it is even clear in Moussa's birth mom, 
who smiles, and claps, and screams out "MAMA!" when she sees me 
hiking my sweaty self up their mountain to their home. 

We often see her daughter in law, who just had a baby and her other daughter who 
farms the land when we come. They both live next to her. And they help their mom
as much as possible. The porridge, formula, milk, sugar, fruits, etc have helped them
all, and taken the edge off. The insurance cards has curbed fear of illness. 

Now we want to send Clautride to vocational school for sewing. This will also include
some transport money, because of her age, and how far she lives from the school. 
This is included in the estimation we made for what we need to raise for the programs
to begin for them. To see a break down of the finances we need to start the literacy 
program and send some moms and dads to vocational school, click HERE. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated. We are ready to take this over the finish line! And give these mama's the tools to not only transition out of the program in a years time, but to give them the tools and support to begin to gain the confidence of self sufficiency. Your support in prayer and finances is appreciated more than we can express. 

For Clautride this would mean she would be able to have a sewing machine, 
and work right there at home, while she continues to take care of Moussa and
his mom. 

You can make a tax deductible donations HERE.

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