Tuesday, September 6, 2016

"It can give value to our future....." Said the teen mom full of hope.

She is the youngest mom in our program. And her and her sister have got to be the most grateful pair of people I have ever met. Still a teenager, who left secondary school, when she was raped and became pregnant. Her rapist in jail, and a mother also incarcerated. She lives with her oldest sister, who is a widow. Her sister raises her deceased husbands brother, and has two children of her own. Fighting AIDS herself. 

Solange left school, and has had to make some really hard choices. When ever we visit her, she is quick to offer us a cup of the porridge we gave her. Often times, when she comes to the office to pick up, she will walk in with a basket of Avocado she picked from the tree in their yard, of a house they dont own, but squatter in. 

Jackson has got to be one of the happiest babies, from one of the most grateful
and happiest moms we have ever met. We think he got quiet a bit of her optimistic
happy demeanor. 

“What do you hope to achieve through this program?” 

S: “I hope that my son can be strong. I get porridge, sugar, cereal, milk, and fruits. Its always a very joyful day when I come home on Monday. We all know no one will go to bed hungry. We have all began to increase in Kilo’s and can think on other things.” 

“What do you want to be when you are older?” 

S: “I want to be a good mom. I have always wanted to sew. Sewing has always been a desire for me.” 

“What does it mean to you, to be able to go to vocational school and learn to sew, and obtain a certificate?” 

S: “Oh, I cannot find words for that dream to come to pass. I can work from home with my son. I can know I have something of value! For now, I go out and look for small jobs, any small jobs I can get to help in the home. Many times, I have nothing of value that anyone can hire me to do. If I can learn to sew, I can not only have something of value, but also something I have always desired. I cannot find words to tell you what that can mean to me and my son. It can give value to our future.” 

We always look forward to home visits, and any time we get with
Jackson and his mom. We really cannot wait to see her back in
school, and learning a trade she has always desired to have. 

We are 10% of the way to our $2,500 goal! To put Solange in vocational school for 6 months to learn to sew would cost $160! That includes her uniforms, notebooks, everything. Solange was able to get to secondary school, and so unlike many other moms and dads in the program, knows well to read and write already. As soon as we hit our goal, she can go right to vocational school, and begin to learn to sew, that can give her self confidence, hope, and a trade that can give her an income. 

You can donate HERE. 

We are shooting to get the $2,500 for the moms/dads who are able to go to vocational school to start in October, and also begin the literacy program. If you want to see more of a breakdown of what that looks like click here. 

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