Thursday, September 22, 2016

Her eyes said what she never could.....

G is 1 years old. And her story is in fragments.
G has been in the program for 6 months, with her amazing foster mom Claire.
Claire spoke of how G would tremble in her arms.
How G would not speak to her.
How she would laugh with other kids, but when she walked in G, became silent.
It was obvious that she had immediate fear of any and all adults.
She had one name, which in Kinyarwanda means "do well".

Claire her foster mom who is working on legally adopting her, is a widow. 
She has a 14 year old old son. 
She is a traditional Rwandan dancer with skills that would make you gasp. 
She has even traveled to England to dance before, because of her amazing skills. 
But work is not consistent. And she struggles with the times that their is no need. 
She overheard a village meeting, with a little girl standing, looking down at the dirt, 
trying to find a home for this little girl who was abandoned at a year of life. 
Denied by all.... and silent. 

She was given a second name of Clarice. 
Fully accepted and fully loved into this family, this home. 
It wasn't the best home with rocky floors, and sheets for doors. 
But one saying we have come to say often since once meeting with all the moms. 
"Some people are so poor, all they have is money." 
And Claire, G, and her son, are indeed RICH. 

Clarice has taken some time to feel comfortable,
to let the guard down around her little heart. 

One day we were having our monthly lunch, time in worship (which Claire often
is the one to start the drumming and dancing!) devotions, and just encouragement. 
I went to give Clarice a high 5, and I saw a little hint of a smile. 
The entire room bursted into applause, and everyone clapping, and tickling G. 
Every little smirk of a smile, we all went crazy silly to get more. 
She so much as put her little hands over her face, hiding her smile. 
Claire clapping with tears streaming down her face. 
All the hard work she had put into loving this little girl, and it was the first
smile. And we were honored enough to get to see it! 

I am happy to report smiles are much easier to come by these days. 
And on our last visit, Claire told us she said "Mama" for the first time. 
And also added a new word to her vocabulary this week of "toilet" (hey 
thats an important word to know people!) 

We hope to send Claire to vocational school for sewing. 
For her to go would cost less than $200 for 6 months of school, 
supplies, uniforms, etc. 
And she would have something to supplement her income in the times
were she is not able to book traditional dancing work. 
We are trying to raise all $2,500 by September 25th! 
(the day before my birthday, so if you want to give me a gift, 
even a $25 donation would pay for one of our mama's books, and uniforms!) 
If we raise any money over that, we will use it for emergency funding. 
(as we often find ourselves with babes in the hospital, and moms needing
someone to bring them food, sheets, clothes, and meds are not covered under

You can see the breakdown of the financial need for literacy classes and 
vocational school HERE 
Or to go directly to make a tax deductible donation click HERE

Thank you so much for all your love, support, words of encouragement, 
partnership is prayer, and financial partnership. 

In Christ, 

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