Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"It means freedom....."

The infant in this pic is not linked to the mama in the story. And the cute girl, is my daughter. 
She was 2 years old when her parents both were killed in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Where she found herself in a refugee camp in Goma. She ended up with a family, who moved when she was 6 years old, and left her behind. She found herself a street kid, doing what she could to get her very basic needs met. As she grew up and became a teenager a sweet talking solider, told her everything she wanted to hear. That longing to belong, that longing to be a part of a family, that longing to be loved. When she was 14 she was pregnant by the solider, and by the time she was 15 she was a momma. She lived with the solider and bore him 3 children. When his family found out about her, they didn't approve. He swept her from the home like dust, out the door. She found herself staying with a motto driver, who was willing to left her and her children stay with him, if she would sleep with him. She became pregnant, and was once again discarded from the home like dust swept from the dirt floor. 

This momma has never walked through the doors of a school as a student. She has no ability to read or write. She carries luggage on her head with her baby on her back, or anything she can do to make ends meet. We have been able to relieve some of the burden from her by supplying some of the basic nutritional needs for her youngest, she wasn't able to nurse because of malnourishment. 

Her hope for her and her family, is that she can begin the literacy classes, and then she hopes that she can then attend the vocational school to learn sewing. She desires to be an example to her children that you can learn, even when you are a mom, and older. 

"What does learning to read and write mean to you?" 

Mom- "It means freedom! It means I have more power over my own life, because I can know what papers say, when a landlord wants me to sign. I can use my voice, and hold my head higher. Now the children who pass me on the street, know more than I do. So I hold my head down, and my voice low. I dont want anyone to know I am ignorant. Learning to read and write, will give me courage to use my voice!" 

You can make a donation to help us reach our $2,500 goal to start the first phase of helping these moms phase into independence. As you mark off your list for your kids going back to school. Pray for the moms, who are hoping to learn for the first time! Moms who will learn a trade! And make way that we can begin to help the other 34 infants in immediate need at the moment. 

How can you help?

Share about the opportunity to partner with us financially and/or in prayer! 

Partner with us in prayer, for the finances, and for the moms! Their precious hearts beginning to dream of a future without fear, but with some confidence! 

Donate! No donation is too small. We serve a God who fed thousands with just a few fish and a few loaves. 

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