Monday, August 8, 2016

Dance before the Lord

We FINALLY got a picture with all the moms. Though there is 3 babies not present in the picture.

Now that we have been home for a few weeks from our honeymoon, and I am starting to get used to Thierry not going home at night. (I still sometimes go "Oh yeah, you LIVE here now.) 

Before we got married our Tasia (he is like our everything guy. He hand washes the clothes, he does the gardening, will run around and do errands for us, he is the gate keeper, babysitter, you name it!) wife had a baby. And they waited till we came back from our honeymoon, so we could come and name the baby. It is common in Rwanda to wait to name a baby a few weeks till after birth. And normally you have a naming "party". People visit and give suggestions for names. There is no family name or surname. Sometimes babies only have one name for a long time, and sometimes they get both names a few weeks after birth. Me and Thierry decided to hike it (honestly I could hike every single day! I love it!) and we were given a feast! (I think after 4 years here, I have learned DO NOT EAT before you visit someone. Eating lunch and then visiting, WILL result in feeling overly uncomfortably full.) 

I just love the scenery when hiking around here. This is an area they make a lot of bricks. 
So you can see lots of bricks in various stages. And also bricks being fired up. 

Do not listen to Tasia's mom, who is quiet upset about my weight loss. 
I DID eat all my rice, beans, avocado, and fries. And even drank 3 Coke-a-Cola's. 
I have pretty much quit soda, and drank a bunch on the honeymoon, but had 
not had any since we went for this visit. 
But Tasia's mom will still tell you I barely ate. Even though
as they say my plate had a volcano on it! 

Proud mommy and daddy with their new little bundle of joy! 

And finally, world meet MUGISHA Micheal. 
Mugisha means "blessing" 

When it comes to program stuff, things are always changing. As the babies grow, so do their needs. As mom's get nourishment, some who started the program to malnourished to nurse, can now nurse without issue. Some are starting to learn to eat cereal. Some are sitting. They are growing up people, and thats huge! The kilo's are coming and they are hitting milestones. 

Yesterday we had all the moms come to the office and something happened. Thierry did devotions, and we had a time of worship. We had a time where the moms encouraged each other. Younger moms asked the older moms questions. We talked about goals, life, etc. 

Most of the time, I just sit back, and let Thierry lead the worship and devotions. I let the grandma's answer the question of the younger moms. (we have a teenager in the program, to grandma's who have taken in abandoned babies, and everything in between!!) 

I normally speak a few words, and then we do our normal one on one time with the moms and their babies, and give each mom their benefits (formula, whatever their need level is at). But when I got up to talk to them, I dont know why I felt compelled to go on and on. I told them "We can't solve all your problems and we dont want too. If we could and did, we would be God!" I told them how sometimes God allows us to go through hard times, so we cling closer to Him. How he desires us to cling closer to him. I told them "Some people are so rich all they have is money!" I told them how proud I was of them. I told them how they have all made hard choices, to do hard things. Take in abandoned babies, walk miles with their baby tied on their back barefoot, with supplies on their heads, to make a dollar or two. How rich you can be in love and joy. How people can be hungry not for food, but for love. How people can be hungry for significance. How when I look at them I see a bunch of strong women, who are making hard choices to do hard things. How amazing they are in my sight. And how sometimes an easy life is not a good life, and a hard life is not always a bad life. 

They all shouted their Amen's. Then we told them they could decide who would come to the office room first, for us to start giving this weeks benefits, and talk to each one on one. But then it was REALLY REALLY hard to stay in the office, because then spontaneous amazing spirit moving worship started happening in the waiting room/meeting area. 

It was quiet literally drawing people in off the street!! 

God is SO SO GOOD!

Here are a few more pics from a few other things happening with the baby program. 

One of my favorite things is home visits for sure! 

Love watching the babies hit milestones like sitting, babbling, smiling, starting to eat, 
crawling, etc. It is getting harder to keep them all in one place in the office. :p 

New mattresses for mama's in the program!! 

Never a shortage of babies when we get everyone together. :) 

At the end of the day, we have no problem crashing! 

We are newlyweds after all. :) 

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