Friday, August 26, 2016

Back to school time.....birthing hope!

We have been doing the infant program (Hope For Tomorrow) now for almost 6 months! 
The babies are growing and gaining weight,
the moms are gaining confidence, and trying to get their footing in their faith, for some. 
We have seen some miracles happen right before our eyes. 

One of things we love the most, is seeing moms starting to...
Dare. To. Dream! 

And we dont want to just ensure the survival of the infants in immediate need. 
We want to equip the moms and dads! 

And that is where you come in. 
We found this school, not to far from us. 
In fact, within walking distance of ALL the moms in the program. 

It is called Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle. 
They offer 6 month courses in- 
-Hair (braiding, styling, etc)

These are some of the buildings that they practice some of the trades they are learning. 

We also have a couple moms, who need to get the basics of reading and writing down first, 
before they can even begin to go to vocational school.

So September as everyone is packing up their backpacks,
we are unpacking some hope over here. 
And we are inviting you to jump on board. 

Here is the breakdown of what we need. 
We need to raise $2,500 in the month of September! 

$600 for the teacher who will teach at the office literacy 
$35 for a chalk board in the office
$194 for 10 desks ($19.48 per desk)

That will cover the literacy program for six months!!!! 
Moms and dads who can then read a lease for a place to rent. 
Who can now read to their kids, inspire their kids, read the notes the 
teachers send home with their kids. 
Who can be empowered! The course used by the Ministry of education
also teaches as they learn to read and write lessons on nutrition, 
STD's, hygeine, etc!! So they are learning so much more, as they are learning
to read and write. 

When it comes to the vocational school, this is the breakdown per student, 
for 6 months!

$124 in school fee's 
$15.58 for school uniforms
$10.38 for a work uniform 
$3.89 for 3 large notebooks
$1.55 for 4 small notebooks
$1.55 for a mathematical set
$1.55 for school maintenance fee's 

Thats $159 per student, for a vocational degree, and a skill
that help them earn an income, and be self sufficient! 

We have 7 moms/dads who are able to go to vocational school!! 
But we also need to figure in $300 for child care for some of those moms
during classes. 

We hope the moms who want desire to go for sewing,
that at the end of the 6 months we can purchase them a sewing machine. 
And they will be able to work from home! 

We cannot do this without you!
And we have watched the Lord do some HUGE miracles. 
And the literacy program has been so strongly on my heart, but
I can't start it, until I have secured the funds. 

If we raise this $2,500 in September, 
then we can start changing lives, equipping lives, in October!!!

CLICK HERE to make a tax deductible donation. 

The moms and babies in our Hope For Tomorrow program. 

These moms are the true heroes!
And some of the hardest workers I have ever seen!!
We have watched so many of them find their worth in Christ, gain confidence,
and start to dream for tomorrow. For themselves, their families, and their kids.
Because of YOU who have believed in them, donated, walked alongside,
prayed for, and loved on these moms and babies!! 

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