Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Primary program day....

Saturday we had all the kids from the primary program come and get their backpacks with all their supplies. The parents accompanied them, and I wonder if most of it wasn't for the parents, they had so much fun too! Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, all the students in the program will come to the office, so we can play games, give lessons, and just generally love on them. 

I was so excited after I got all the bags stuffed!! 

No. 41 came to measure all the kids for uniforms. You should check them out
they are pretty amazing! 

Playing games outside, as we one by one got uniform measurements. 

Posing so I can take a pic, and they could all gather around and look at it, and giggle. 

Songs and games (like simon says) for a little time, while we got pictures one by one
for the official paper work files. 

I cannot wait till the 18th already. 

This week Yvonne Parr has been here, and has been doing the more in depth 
information meetings with each and every parent. And as we learn more and more 
about each and every family, the more I am beyond myself to get the kids all together
twice a month, for some time to play, pour into them, and we plan to get them a treat 
of amandazi (a friend bread) and milk. 

THANK YOU so much to all the sponsors. I cannot wait to get a chance next week, 
to email you each individually an update. As we get to know the families and children more, 
we cannot wait for you to get to know them more too!!

THANK YOU so much for giving these kids the gift of education, health insurance, 
and encouragement. 

I just know when we do our names in sparkles and talk about how God knows our names, 
and how he created each of us. I just know its going to be the best day I walk away, 
picking glitter off me for days. ;) 

In Christ, 

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