Saturday, June 11, 2016

Parents learning to read and write......

Our programs (both primary and infant programs) are all about family. It is all about orphan prevention. (Did you know in most orphanages, more than half of the kids have a living parent?! Most are what is called “poverty orphans”.) 

What if……. the children never had to leave their parents because of poverty. 

What if…….. the parents were more empowered to make informed choices and changes? 

What if……. decided to walk alongside moms, dads, and families?

As someone who first came here to volunteer in an orphanage. And someone who is constantly learning. Honestly I think if anyone tells you they know what they are doing, well, I would question them greatly. And I would hope they would question themselves. 

I digress……. 

One thing we have noticed with the families we work with. (28 families) is that more than half of the parents (moms and dads, or foster moms/dads) have never been to school, or have no ability to read and write. Some might have gone up to second or third grade, but then had to stop, for various reasons. Some remember some basics, and others never stepped foot in a school as a student. 

We asked them if they would be interested in coming to a class once a week, to learn to read and write? Everyone of them jumped on the idea. So we decided to look around, and see if we could find a teacher who would work on full day a week. We did! (We are going to break this into 4, 2 hour classes) 

Can you imagine for a minute, perhaps you fled with your parents during the genocide and became an orphan, and grew up a street child. After a sweet talking solider, you bore a few children, but then in your early 20’s were thrown out! You found out your parents had land, that rightly belongs to you. You return with your kids, to reclaim that land, and find your uncle in the home. He draws up a contract, and you have to trust what he is saying, this says. You always have to trust what others say something says. 

You have to trust every legal paper, every school paper, every bank slip, everything you have to trust what someone else tells you it says. Your lease you have no idea what the landlord put in it, and so her upping the rent by $1.00 a month (remember most of our families roughly make $1-$2 a day!) You dont know if that is legal or not, because you never asked for a copy of a lease you cannot read. 

So we want to go get some pens, pencils, and notebooks, for these parents. (we are so excited that there is equal excitement and interest from both moms and dads!) to learn to read and write and empower them! Lets help them set an example to their children as well. 

It is going to cost us $120 a month to do this. Just $120 to educate the parents of the kids in our program? YES! 

We are hoping we can get 5 $25 a month sponsors, or 2 $50 a month and a $20 a month sponsor. Or 12 $10 a month sponsors. Or perhaps your small group or bible study group want to sponsor this project? 

We are scheduled to start the first week of July!!! (We do a lot in faith) 

You can sign up for recurring monthly donations that are tax deductible at 

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