Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What's new..

My friend Lauren is coming to Rwanda in January. She sponsors a set of triplets in the infant program and we just adore her. I love when I go to visit the family and hear them ask about Lauren. She is selling these t-shirt to help support her family get into a safer home. You can read more about her family and her trip here.  Any proceeds over 71 shirts sold go into an emergency fund. Which this first 6 weeks of ministry has surely been a learning curve, of having babies sick, resuscitated, ambulances, transfers to Kigali, moms, babies. So anything over 71 shirts, will go into an emergency fund, that when these situations come up, we are not grasping at straws, or running home to grab our grocery money. And I am super jealous y'all. I can't get mine till January!! And I just love them! You can directly to purchase a shirt here. 

I am so excited to say that this mom is SPONSORED! 
We met her a few weeks back, when we were visiting another mom when her twins were in the
hospital. This mom had been living in the hospital for 6 months, left there 
beaten, abandoned, and pregnant. We were able to foster her twins ourselves, 
before another foster home was secured, and send the mom to Kigali for more specialized
care. And we are so glad that once the mom is discharged soon. 
That we will be able to help her steady herself on her feet, and see her reunified with
her precious little twins. 

We still have these two twins who need a sponsor. We are grouping them together
for sponsorship because of age, and level of need. (no need for formula, baby cereal, etc) 
$75 a month covers health insurance, and basics of porridge, sugar, powdered milk, home visits, etc. 
If you would like to sponsor them, shoot me a message at or it is really easy to set up, and is tax deductible. 

A few other things from lately.....

Guys, we are still floating on clouds that this girl is smiling. 

We love Giraneza, and we adore her foster mom.
When everyone else said "Not my problem." she stepped up,
stepped in, and constantly amazes us!!! 

Because you can never beat the views when hiking to home visits. 

Yea, though I walk through the valley of banana tree's,
I will fear no incline. This visit to Gato and Gakuru (the twins above in need of sponsors)
I thought for sure I had stumbled upon the land of never end banana tree's. 

We stopped along the way to play some soccer football.
My attempts left most all the kids, parents, passerby,
in hysterics. I never knew my attempts to bounce a ball on my foot
would provide so much comedy. :p

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