Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I love to hike now.

Something it does to my head.
Its like defragging your computer.

Normally I put on my earbuds and listen to podcasts or worship.
Sometimes I have to pull out the ear buds,
put the phone away,
and just walk and admire.

Yesterday was four hours of hiking.
And it did not disappoint.
So I thought I would just share a few images from my hike yesterday.

Because it really was and is....... Rwandaful.

It's hard to go hike to a home visit, and not pass through tea planations.

Psalms 95:4
"In His hands are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peeks belong to Him."

Brick baking 

Romans 1:20
"For since the creation of the world Gods invisible qualities- His eternal power and divine nature- have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse." 

This cracked me up. As we were walking, and I saw this heard of mixed goats and sheep coming down. I thought "oh that would be a cool picture of all the goats and sheep." But was waiting for random passerby's to get past. Once I stopped, no joke ALL the goats and sheep stopped, and stared at me. It was like they were wondering what this random white girl in the middle of nowhere mountain villages. They all stood staring at me, till I walked past, then they all started to continue on their way. I never laughed so hard, me and Theirry were nearly on the ground laughing. 

Found a new place to get my coffee!! 

Does it not just take your breath away?! 

On the way down the mountains these guys nearly knocked me over, they were bolting down the mountain with this hand made sugar cane transporting device. We caught up to them at the bottom of the mountains in the plantations. 

I would have totally bought some sugar cane to munch on, on the way home. 
But didn't bring anything with me but my water bottle. 

If you heard this before, you will probably have heard it 100 times already. 
I remember on my first trip to Rwanda with VO. 
As I sat on the bus passing all these houses, and people, 
I just longed to have the bus stop, go into their homes, sit down, and chat. 
Just to get to know them, personally. Their life. 

Now home visits are one of my favorite things. 
Who knew I would forgo the motto's one day, and rather hike 4 hours to 
get to sit in a home, chat, and shell a few coffee beans. 

I love the relational aspect of what I get to do. 
I love the time I have in prayer when I hike. 
I love how it calms the mind. 
i love how up every hill, and around every turn, there is always something that takes my breath away. 

I have been living in Rwanda for almost four years now (in August). 
The beauty of Rwanda, is surely un matched. 

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