Monday, May 30, 2016

Love wins

I used to say she had a sixth sense. She always knew when I was coming to the orphanage it seemed. 

And it was pretty well known she had dibs on some part of me. My hand, my back, 
or my hip. 

I often saw these eyes staring up at me, as she grasped my hand in the crowded orphanage. 

Occasionally we could get some time together without hundreds of others. 

Then this 9 year old girl, who wore clothes of a 5 year old moved into my home. 

It was a new adventure for the both of us. 

And somehow she has grown into a pre-teen! 

And her joy is contagious!

I call her my rainbow bright girl, and my pinky brewster. 
She loves all things sparkly, mis matched, rainbow, and extreme. 

And if she is happy, sad, excited, whatever emotion it is. 
She feels it with every fiber of her being!
When she laughs, she throws her head back, and you almost see it 
go from the bottom of her feet and just explode. 
When she is angry, her looks could turn boiling water to ice. 
She she is happy, I do not think her feet touch the ground. 

She is surely starting to come into her own. 

And its been a rocky road. Anyone who has parented a child who has a trauma history
knows, its a journey all its own. I remember the first time she told me she was hungry
and asked me for something to eat, and how I swung her around and hugged her so tight
and told her how proud I was of her. There are some silly little milestones sometimes you can 
point back too, and realize bricks where coming down from the walls. Other days just 
seem like normal days, but you dont realize the routine, the structure, that is laying groundwork
into the bonding. 

I dont know what spurred me to write this blog. 

Oh yeah I do. After I got myself ready and the kids all fed and off to school, 
and was going to the office to meet with the mama's and babies from the village. 
I forgot something in my room. 

I ran back into my room, and found this and a piece of candy Rebecca left on my bed. 
I cried a happy snotty my face is leaking in many ways cry. 
And when I got to the office, I taped it up on the wall, right where I can see it
when I meet with the mama's. 

To remember......


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