Monday, April 4, 2016

Awed by God.

I wish I had time to get into details about every visit. But soon the sun will burst through the window, the kids will wake up, and the day will be full speed ahead. But for now I wanted to share a few pics of the home visits yesterday for the infants. (today we meet with social affairs to do home visits to the primary kids!)

When you hear of a baby left by the river near your home,
which sparks a new passion in your heart. That becomes a new
ministry. Which becomes that baby sitting on your lap. 

Visiting the triplets. And teaching the mama how to use bottles.
She has not been producing enough milk for the triplets. 

Got milk? 

This mama of twins lives the furthest away. She is to malnourished
to nurse her twins. She met us by the road, then left me in the dust,
for the 45 minute walk up to her home. 

The amazing Theirry. Translating, being pee'd on by babies,
loving on mama's. So blessed by this man in my life. 

The twins took to the bottle instantly. First bottle feeding, and
a mama, who needs some help feeling some great relief. 

This mama and her three littles has captured my heart! 

This visit turned into church. I loved watching her heart for her kids. 


Abandoned 3 months ago. The widow who took this little girl,
who has found herself in some hard situations. I couldn't help but just tell her
over and over again how she is wanted, desired, loved.
The mama who took her a true hero, who is showing her love.
I have been amazed again and again, at the love, strength, courage of these mama's. Of those who have taken in abandoned babies. Of community working together. Of love that breaks down walls. Of hope, of redemption, of more than I have words for.

In Christ,

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