Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Meet the babies!

As I sit here to type this blog post. This song started playing on my playlist. This song went on repeat and became a prayer for all the kids and infants in the program.

But let me tell you a little of where this came from. This program. When I used to volunteer at Noel orphanage. I was often in the infant room. And the mama's in there would tell me what brought the new babies into the orphanage. From mothers with mental illness, or the death of the mother. Malnourished moms who could not nurse and feed their infants. Knowing that they could get those basic needs met in the orphanage, often they were left there.

After the orphanage closed, I had heard about babies being abandoned. Struggles. But let me just say, I have met so many hero's in this. Relatives, neighbors, friends, stepping in and stepping up. I met so many people yesterday, who are real hero's of the faith. Warriors. Champions. You will see, when I introduce you to the babies accepted into the program.

It is $75 a month to support one of these infants. What that looks like for each is different. Each have different needs. I wish I could give you a total and complete overview of this. But since this program is so new, I cannot do that. We are choosing to band together, to support these women and babies. I will be doing weekly home visits to all of these families in the infant program. Some to bring much needed food to nourish a mother, so she can nurse. Some it will be formula and bottles. Clothe diapers. Medications. They all have different needs. I will be sending bi-weekly reports to the sponsors of the infants to let them know how the infants are doing, and what needs where met, where there finances have gone too. And to watch these infants GROW!

This is orphan prevention. This is family. This is stepping in and forming relationships. It is sharing tangible hope and eternal hope to these families. It is loving them, and walking with them.

And with no further ado.... meet the babies.


 Age- 12 months 
Abandoned at birth by the river. 
Found at 2 days after abandonment
No medical needs except initial dehydration and weakness

Foster mother-  Claire 
Foster mother took her in when she had an infant of her own to nurse both babies at the same time. 
Single mother 

Biggest need is clothes and food. 

Still in need of a sponsor of $75 a month for a year commitment. 


 Age- 2.5 months (bday 12-25-2015)
Triplet #1 

With the birth mother Valentine 
Husband is present (health issues)
2 other children in the home
All 7 rent one room for 5,000FRW a month 

Mother has not been able to produce enough milk for triplets 

Major need- nourishment for the mother to nurse 3
Formula and bottles

All infants have had persistent cough

Triplet #2

Triplet # 3

All triplets are in need of individual sponsors.


 Age- (guessed 1 year)

Abandoned 3 months ago 

Foster mother- NYIRABASARE

Infants health needs- 
persistent cough
one leg turned and significantly shorter than the other

Foster mother is widowed
One biological child (14 years old) 

Foster mother is a traditional Rwandan dancer
so work is not persistent. 

Immediate needs- 
Food, clothes, porridge, and fruits for infant 


 Age- 2 months
Birth mother- Jacqueline 
Birth mother- orphan, severe mental illness
Became pregnant by rape. 
Was 7.5 months pregnant before pregnancy was discovered

Was taken in by a neighbor-
Neighbor - Clautride 
Clautride is widowed and has 4 kids in the home. 

Clautride tries to put the baby to the mothers breast to nurse, but it is a struggle with the mental health issues. 

Greatest need- 
Formula, bottles, and clothes 


 Age- 6 months

With the biological mother 
Mother- Zainabu 

Biological mother fled to Congo during the 1994 genocide. 

She has four other children. 

Returned to Rwanda 6 months ago, with nothing. 

Currently has no housing for her and her children. 

Infant medical issues- umbilical tumor 

Immediate needs- 
housing, clothes, and food. 


 Age - 1 month 
Twin #1 

Lives with the biological mother - Beliique
Has another child of 2 years in the home. 

Babies were born premature. 

Health issues of infants- 
Flu, coughing, and under developed optic nerves 

Mother is malnourished and has been unable to produce milk
for the twins. 

When asked what her biggest struggle is she replied- 
“I am so tired. I cannot sleep because I am hungry, and the babies cry because they are hungry. My breast bleed because the babies nurse but nothing comes for them. I now know what it is to be really tired.” 

Biggest immediate needs- 
Nourish the mother so she can nurse the infants
Formula and bottles
Clothing for infants (they have 5 outfits for the twins total) 
Clothe diapers 


GATO Iriraneza & GAKURU Alice (SPONSORED) 

 Age- 2 years 

With biological mother- Clementine 

Both twins have had malaria multiple times. 

Poverty level 1

Immediate needs- food, clothes, porridge. 

For these two, we are grouping them together because
of age and the level of need. So one sponsor at $75 a month for both toddlers. 

This day, was so special in my heart. As the Lord ignited this passion in my heart over a year ago, and to see that come to fruition. I cannot explain! God has a way, that the ones who he places on my heart, and praying for them. To one day be sitting there with one in my lap, in my arms, and it hitting me. "For this child, for this baby, you have prayed! This is face of the one, you never knew, and pleaded before my throne for." Oh my heart! 

If you are interested in sponsoring an infant please email me at

I was blown away, at the widows, the ones who took an abandoned infant into their own home. Those who took in a neighbor. These Rwandans are the true hero's and warriors. And I am so excited to walk alongside them, and to help them with these babies. 
To ensure these babies have the essentials they need to have the best start possible! 

I was also so impressed with the social affairs officer in the sector. How well he knew the needs, the stories, and the hearts. God has surely made a way for these babies. 

In Christ, 

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