Thursday, March 17, 2016

Isaiah 43:19

Hey.  It's been awhile since we chatted! So much has been happening, and I wanted to clue you in as this blog springs to life with all kinds of posts soon!

This has been a long ways in the making.

After many meetings, much prayer, and lots of dreaming......

Starting April 1st, we will be starting TWO sponsorships programs.
We are going to offer sponsorship for level 1&2 poverty families in this area.
Which means, the families in the most poverty.
We will be helping them primary (grade school kids) with school.
Getting all of there school supplies, school uniforms, shoes, etc, so that
they can attend school! We will also conduct home visits, so that we can
minister to the families spiritually, emotionally, educationally, and physically.

The second sponsorship program will focus on infants in the area.
There is currently 28 infants in immediate need.
Rwanda has shifted from orphanages to foster care.
When a mother dies, or is unable to nurse and/or care for their infant
for one reason or another. Most often a relative like an aunt or grandma
will take the baby. The big issue is, formula is so expensive, and often
costs more than an average monthly income!
We will do home visits once a week to these infants 0-24 months to
provide the essentials they need. Formula, bottles, and so forth.
Obviously the older infants, we will be providing fruits, porridge (like a cream of wheat cereal)
This will help ensure the infant stays within the family,
and has all of there basic needs met for those critical two years of life!

Last night, me and all my kids gathered together in the living room.
We praised God for these babies and children.
We talked about how amazing it is God has opened these doors.
We prayed over each and every name on the list's.
20 children accepted into the HELP program for primary school.
10 infants in immediate need of assistance.

I cannot even explain to you how God has opened these doors,
and how well this is all going!!
And I cannot wait to introduce you to these kids and babies....on Tuesday!

A one time $100 donation will sponsor one of the primary children for a year!
And  a commitment of $75 a month, will sponsor an infant to provide the essentials
for them to thrive in their first two years of life!

Isaiah 43:19
"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it spring up; do you not perceive it?"

If you would like to go ahead and jump on board, you can donate at (all donations are tax deductible)

Cannot wait to introduce you to these kids and babes on Tuesday!!

In Christ,


  1. Hello Tina. I have been reading your blog. I was wondering if there was an email address I could contact you through? I have some questions and a warm story I would love to share with you.

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