Friday, March 25, 2016

Between Friday and Sunday.

This morning I sit here as the birds are beginning to sing, my coffee is hot, and my dog is sleeping next to me. The house is still quiet, Andrew Paterson "After the last tear falls" is playing on my phone quietly.


I was sitting here thinking of all the changes that have taken place in my almost four years in Rwanda. From instant mom, to volunteering at the orphanage, to the orphanage closing, to now a new season of ministry.

I sit her gawking at what God has done. Many days felt like Friday. All hope seemed lost. Things constantly felt at a stand still. One road block after another. I was referring to it as my desert time. No matter how much I clawed at the cracked dry ground, I just couldn't find a drop of water. So many changes in health, in life, in ministry. And everything felt it stayed at this standstill. This desert, which seemed the forest was no where in sight. How long would I wander this desert Lord? In His goodness, He always provides. But many days, I found myself... clawing at that cracked dry ground. I had some even think perhaps the Lord was calling me back to the states. But my passions still were ignited. I still had fight left in me. Fight for those who were closest to my heart. Vulnerable children and infants. I would hear another story from time to time "A baby was left in the field. No one wanted to take the baby, because they have no way to feed them." And my fight was stirred up all over again.

Then suddenly in the last few weeks. Something in that desert happened. A tidal wave swept over it! Suddenly life got busy. REALLY busy! Suddenly things were falling into place. A part of me panicked, because I knew I had to get these kids and babies sponsored. And such a short time to do it.



It has been the most beautiful crazy busy ever. Looking at houses for offices. Walking down dirt roads, running into babies and kids in the program. Impromptu home visits. Organizing profiles on all the kids and all the infants. Finding where and how we can buy large things of formula, bottles, and porridge. Getting to know names, faces, stories. Praying in the morning hours before another rush of meetings, and paperwork.

Praying over every primary kid by name.....

Praying over every infant by name.......

Praying over every caregiver and mama....

Praying over every sponsor......

One morning I was busy on the porch working on paperwork on my computer. Moses had piled boxes on the back of his tricycle and covered them with blankets. I looked up "Hey Moses, whatcha doing?" "I am bringing milk to the babies!" They watch. They listen. Even if its almost lunch time and said child is still in his pajama's.

I have met so many people who have stepped up and stepped in. Neighbors who have taken in mentally ill mothers, and infants. Mama's that heard of a newborn left by the river, and even in her own need, stepped up and stepped in and brought that baby in. I have seen community at its best. 
As my household and gardner/day guard/ He does a bit of everything guy run play with my kids as I sit on the porch with someone about formula. I have seen my people stay late, show up early, because they see the need, they are invested too. 

Suddenly Friday turned into Sunday. Suddenly the desert was gushing with water and new life. 

This song has so much meaning to me. I still remember driving 
to the trash dump in Ethiopia, and this song came on my iPod. 

Running into kids and babies in the program.

Running into the triplets in the program.
One family is sponsoring ALL THREE triplets. 

One mama, one room home, 2 children, 3 infants, and a sick husband.
Suddenly her story was not just words in a government building,
but an impromptu visit, to start building relationship. 

20 Level 1 poverty primary kids who will get health insurance,
school supplies, shoes, etc. 

The house next door we will rent as an office.
We will have the primary kids come here for games, crafts, lessons.
Time to just build relationship, to do things like VBS type activities.
Where we can gather all the parents for meetings, trainings, etc. 
Interviewing each of the children with the social affairs director. 

So what do you do between Friday and Sunday? 

You trust the time before Friday. You trust what God has spoken before you found yourself in the desert. You trust the time you spent with Christ. You trust the times he lifted up your head. You trust the stones falling around, and the Savior writing in the dirt. You trust when his words calmed the storms. You trust the times you sat as his feet and poured the incense. You trust the time you found yourself walking on water, looking at Christ before you. You trust the word spoken and the healing. 

You trust God is working.... 

In Christ, 

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  1. thank you for words of encouragement. You are an inspiration to me.