Saturday, December 26, 2015

2016 is quick approaching

I know, I know, I have been horrid at this blogging thing lately.

Back in September I went back to the states, and spent some time at a retreat in Colorado. Seriously, I think every person in full time ministry needs to go chill at marble retreat for a week. This place is incredible!

Then after turning 35, I headed back home to Rwanda. (I am officially in my mid 30's? When did this happen?! Seriously.)

I have been thinking so much about what my word will be for 2016. I have  never done the "word for the year" thing before. But perhaps turning 35 has spurred me to do things, I never did before. Like making a bucket list. (Who am I?) I have made some personal goals for 2016. Once I got back to Rwanda, I hit the ground running. Literally. I started to work out a lot more in my mid 30's. But once you start seeing and feeling the benefits, you just keep going with it. So I decided to start training to hike Nyringongo. It is a volcano not far from my house, its active, has the largest lava lake in the world, and I want to climb up that bad boy. So I have started hiking a mountain near my house, and find myself walking probably 5-10 miles a day. (Today was 11 1/2. I pulled a muscle on my way back from Gisenyi, and it started to hurt too much, so I hopped a motto on the last half mile home!)

I realize spiritually, emotionally, and physically, I do so much better when I am working toward a goal. I need a goal in front of me to work towards. So hiking the volcano in February it is. I planned February for a reason. As the revolving door of my relationships, keeps on spinning. I know that come the end of January, I will be here in Rwanda without any other missionaries or expats. (Well in my little corner of Rwanda!) So I wanted a goal that I would still keep pushing toward, after I say another "see ya soon." or "goodbye."

So I have considered "goals" as my word. In Colorado I clung to Psalms 116:7, so thought "rest" might be my word. "Seasons" could easily be my word every year, as it seems the seasons of life pass way too quickly around here. I have considered "courage". The courage to be OK, and the courage to not be OK. But apparently I am not too good at this "word of the year" thing.

A new year is coming so quickly, and so is new seasons in my life. New ministry. The dynamic of my life is changing. So much is changing. You either choose to go with the flow, or get sucked under the current.

So that is basically where I am at, at the moment. Setting goals, and crushing them. Preparing for new seasons and new ministry. Enjoying my family. Clinging to God.

Here are some pictures from Christmas. Which was absolutely AMAZING!!

I was shocked on Christmas morning, that Keisha left her ENO
here when she left, for me, for Christmas. I am in love with this
thing. And am actually blogging from it now. 
I have the most amazing sneaky friends, who snuck
presents to the kids for me on Christmas morning.
I just adore it so much!! So blessed. Feeling so loved! 

Drawing Christmas to a close, after we had a
party with a friend and her house. 
Christmas collage. Woke up at 5:00am to the drums from the
church signaling it is time to celebrate. The kids were all on
cloud nine, but none more than Rebecca who got the bike
she has been praying for and asking for, for two years now. 
We laughed so hard, when we played games at
Tara's for Christmas dinner, and fun.
It was "fun crazy" as Rebecca said at the
end of the day!
This is where I ended the day. And after my almost
12 miles today, where I am now chilling as
it rains. I think I might just cacoon myself in here
this afternoon for a nice nap. 

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