Thursday, August 20, 2015

The state of pups

My dogs have no idea what "dog food" is. 
They eat a mixture of rice, carrots, cabbage, 
With some protein thrown in. 
Eggs, beans, or really stinky little fish. 

I have no idea what it is here to take my dogs to the vet.
That is because we call the vet to us. 
Thankfully! Because I couldn't imagine wrestling 
These dogs on some bus.

Wednesday the vet came, hunkered down at our house, 
And yesterday morning, we transformed the front porch
Into our makeshift OR. 

Tumu needed to be fixed, both dogs needed shot updates, 
Then for good measure we added two dogs from Goma, 
And put chips in both my dogs! 

Blood, medical stuff, doesn't really bother me. 
In fact, it facinates me! 
You could find me hunkered down on down days
In the states watching discovery health channel, 
Like some obsessed fan watches.......whatever. 

When I think about the human body (or any living things body) 
I am in awe of God. How it all works together, without thought.
How the human body, heals itself, the function of so many things.

So, why not assist surgical procedures? 
I was stoked she showed me how to inject more Anateshia. 
I loved getting to watch! 
And I love that she told me "no, ask all the questions you want." 
Eeeeeh! Free pass to pick your brain as you do surgery! 
Be still my heart! 

"What's that you just clamped?" 
"Why did you do that?" 
And loved getting to hold clamps, give injections, 

So yesterday was an interesting day! 
Not many assist in their own dogs spay surgery! 
Not many get to assist in other surgeries! 

Sleep still eludes me often. 
I'm not even sure how I did that yesterday on 3 hours sleep! 
The next few days though will be the hardest. 
I have to keep Tumu chill, and Tilly away. 

Tumu is barreling around into everything with the cone on her head. 
It's quiet funny, as she stops, and puts her cone to the floor, 
And just stares at the floor. 
We often joke she is saying "don't even look at me, the shame!" 

If I can keep Tumu chill, and both dogs separated,
So they don't go into full play jumping on each other mode. 
Then we will call it successful! 

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