Friday, August 7, 2015

So good, so cold.

a friend sent me a package this week, WITH AN ICECREAM MAKER! 

Ice cream is something I think of and miss way too much around here. 
So an ice cream maker was a huge blessing and cause for much excitement in the house.

After three blown fuses, and a small electrical fire, we finally got it working! 

Rebecca was so excited, she watched about 40 of the 50 minutes, 
Of the churning process. 

After we had our fill of peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate magic shell, 
We decided to go give some to our night guards. 
We all ran out with the ice cream bucket and scooped two large spoons in, 
And handed it to both guards. 
Who both smiled, laughed, grimaced and almost cried
Proclaiming "oh it's very good, but so cold.!" 
And we all rolled in fits of laughter. 

Then Uwera decided she wanted her friends to try it. 
So the last bowl, she grabbed and bolted down the street, 
To try and get it to them before it melted. 
And I just stood there on the front porch laughing, and thinking....
"This is the life." 

We followed up the night washing dishes, rapping to "beggar." 
One night the girls were sounding it out in Kinyarwanda, 
Which turned into an impromptu stomp/rap session. 
Now we all know our parts and beatbox and jam it. 

Once again I thought...
"This is the life." 

Nothing to do. No meeting to do, no paperwork, no rabbit trails. 
Just fits of laughter, jam sessions, and our little family in our little corner of the world. 

Thank you Crystal for ice cream maker and all the fun toppings. 
We love it!! 

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