Thursday, August 20, 2015

The state of pups

My dogs have no idea what "dog food" is. 
They eat a mixture of rice, carrots, cabbage, 
With some protein thrown in. 
Eggs, beans, or really stinky little fish. 

I have no idea what it is here to take my dogs to the vet.
That is because we call the vet to us. 
Thankfully! Because I couldn't imagine wrestling 
These dogs on some bus.

Wednesday the vet came, hunkered down at our house, 
And yesterday morning, we transformed the front porch
Into our makeshift OR. 

Tumu needed to be fixed, both dogs needed shot updates, 
Then for good measure we added two dogs from Goma, 
And put chips in both my dogs! 

Blood, medical stuff, doesn't really bother me. 
In fact, it facinates me! 
You could find me hunkered down on down days
In the states watching discovery health channel, 
Like some obsessed fan watches.......whatever. 

When I think about the human body (or any living things body) 
I am in awe of God. How it all works together, without thought.
How the human body, heals itself, the function of so many things.

So, why not assist surgical procedures? 
I was stoked she showed me how to inject more Anateshia. 
I loved getting to watch! 
And I love that she told me "no, ask all the questions you want." 
Eeeeeh! Free pass to pick your brain as you do surgery! 
Be still my heart! 

"What's that you just clamped?" 
"Why did you do that?" 
And loved getting to hold clamps, give injections, 

So yesterday was an interesting day! 
Not many assist in their own dogs spay surgery! 
Not many get to assist in other surgeries! 

Sleep still eludes me often. 
I'm not even sure how I did that yesterday on 3 hours sleep! 
The next few days though will be the hardest. 
I have to keep Tumu chill, and Tilly away. 

Tumu is barreling around into everything with the cone on her head. 
It's quiet funny, as she stops, and puts her cone to the floor, 
And just stares at the floor. 
We often joke she is saying "don't even look at me, the shame!" 

If I can keep Tumu chill, and both dogs separated,
So they don't go into full play jumping on each other mode. 
Then we will call it successful! 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

A picture is worth a thusand words

Recently we had a dear Kiwi friend come to visit, 
who also happens to be a photographer. 
She always blesses this mama's heart with pictures, 
to treasure for a lifetime!! 

Uwera- 21, me (age unstated), Flora- 17
Rebecca- 10 Moses 3 1//2

Little man has grown up so much, from that 3 week old baby I fell in love with, 
from that 10 month old munchkin who came into my home. 
That totally flipped my world upside down, in all the best ways possible. 
Conversation will revolve around cars, birds, and so forth. 
My animal lover! Who you can find laying in the yard watching the birds. 
My cautious boy! He will often remind this nervous mama 
"I'm OK. I careful mama." and will remind you to be careful too. 
Currently boycotting nap times, and wanting to do everything himself. 
With a slight juice addiction. 

A year and 9 months home! 
Rebecca has grown in leaps and bounds! 
She has become the most inquisitive commentator who you will often find
tagging behind you. 
Her sense of humor and laughter is enough to light up the whole country!
She has dreams of becoming a mom, doctor (till she found out about giving shots!), 
a vet, a pilot, and a myrid of other things. 
She loves the dogs, and has a really good head on her shoulders. 
Just sit down for a conversation with her in French, English, or Kinyarwanda. 
She will give you as much insight as she will questions. 

My Uwera! 
Been stuck with me from day 1. 
She is busy coming into her own, and figuring out this independance thing. 
She has a tender heart, especially for the elderly. 
You will often find her, at a community center volunteering with 
the disabled of the community. 
She has hopes and dreams as wide and vast as the night skys. 
Her compassion runs as deep as her loyalty. 
She is silly and fun, and can make the most cranky person burst out
into fits of laughter! 

My Flora! 
She will trick you into thinking she is the shy girl. 
But you  might walk into the back, and catch her dancing. 
It is worth the time, for her to break out of her shell. 
Under her quiet and shy demenar, is a silly, loud, opinionated girl. 
A insanely talented artist, who loves to crank her music and draw for hours. 
Or you will find her across the street at the tea plantation, 
completely obliterating the guys in basketball. 
If you get to experience her unguarded personality, 
you know indeed you are being given a gift! 
Loyality that runs as deep as her drive to achieve her dreams. 
 Which goes between being a police woman, an artist, or pro basketball player. 

As for me, its been three years now, calling Rwanda home. 
My little family nestled in our little corner of the world, 
keeps my heart firmly nestled in the rolling hills. 
Family dinners, is the highlight of my everyday. 
Laughter, sharing, and unguarded silliness abounds! 
As new ministry moves forward, being home with my little family, 
is the deepest joy I have. 
They have taught me so much, and continue to bless my socks off. 

Joy abounds!

Growth abounds!

Grace abounds! 

Hope abounds!

Love abounds! 

 One time a friend told me about her kids "You grow up together." 
Even as adults, we are still learning and growing up. 
And indeed in a family we do grow up together. 
We do laughter, grace, and hope. 

Life has a way of throwing some curve balls, and some speed bumps. 
But it has become a saying in this house when we face a obstacle. 
"Its a speed bump, we'll get over it." 

We are family! 



Friday, August 7, 2015

So good, so cold.

a friend sent me a package this week, WITH AN ICECREAM MAKER! 

Ice cream is something I think of and miss way too much around here. 
So an ice cream maker was a huge blessing and cause for much excitement in the house.

After three blown fuses, and a small electrical fire, we finally got it working! 

Rebecca was so excited, she watched about 40 of the 50 minutes, 
Of the churning process. 

After we had our fill of peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate magic shell, 
We decided to go give some to our night guards. 
We all ran out with the ice cream bucket and scooped two large spoons in, 
And handed it to both guards. 
Who both smiled, laughed, grimaced and almost cried
Proclaiming "oh it's very good, but so cold.!" 
And we all rolled in fits of laughter. 

Then Uwera decided she wanted her friends to try it. 
So the last bowl, she grabbed and bolted down the street, 
To try and get it to them before it melted. 
And I just stood there on the front porch laughing, and thinking....
"This is the life." 

We followed up the night washing dishes, rapping to "beggar." 
One night the girls were sounding it out in Kinyarwanda, 
Which turned into an impromptu stomp/rap session. 
Now we all know our parts and beatbox and jam it. 

Once again I thought...
"This is the life." 

Nothing to do. No meeting to do, no paperwork, no rabbit trails. 
Just fits of laughter, jam sessions, and our little family in our little corner of the world. 

Thank you Crystal for ice cream maker and all the fun toppings. 
We love it!!