Friday, May 22, 2015

Breaking the blogger silence.

Some men sawing up in the mountains.
Rebecca met her biological grandmother on mother's day. 
Rebecca's bio mother passed away when she was a pre-schooler. 
So getting a chance to meet and visit with her mother's mother, 
was such a sweet treat! We both soaked in the time together. 

 As most of you know, I have come under Commission To Every Nation. 
They are a amazing missions org. Recently we had our pastoral 
care couple come to visit. It was a sweet time of fellowship, encouragement, 
prayer, dreaming, and we got spoiled! What a wonderful couple we just adore, 
and cannot wait till they make their rounds back out our way again!

I just love this picture of Rebecca gazing out the window in the
mountains and the light reflecting off her face. 

Arthur is a sweet little munchkin that hangs out with his mama
at our house. I love that he gets so excited and smiley when he hears my 
voice. Handsome boy! (All clothes are gender neutral here!)

My little man, isn't so little anymore! 
Can someone please make the growth spurt stop?! 
At Imbabazi for just a relaxing day with the pastoral care couple. 

My handsome little man, in his suit that a sweet friend gave me for him. 

Another village trip up into the mountains. 
Our dear Tasia is from this village, and we regularly head up there. 
I have just fallen in love with these kids. 
I leave a little more of my heart in the mountain villages, 
with each and every trip! 
In Christ,