Thursday, September 18, 2014


The kids painting rocks. You gotta get creative some times.
Turning- 34. Seriously, that is just not right!

Reading- Return To Me by- Lynn Austin. I am kind of obsessed with her books lately!

Drinking- Water with lemon essential oil.

Found- out that I have Multiple sclorisis. Went into Kigali to get a MRI, after loosing vision in my right eye, and finding out the optic nerve was swollen. There was 7 lesions on the brain in the white matter. But so grateful that it is something that can be slowed down with medication! Thankful I could get a MRI to diagnosis it. Grateful I am now aware!

Sleeping- maybe 2-3 hours a night. A good night is 4 hours. On a heavy dose of steroids to help bring down the swelling in the optic nerve in my right eye. It is working though, and the rest of my body is thankful for depth perception. (I was even more clumsy walking into things, when all my vision in that eye went ka-put)
Produce stop on the way home from Kigali.

Eating- carbs, what else?

Planning- A trip to the states next month! I will be speaking at Oswego Alliance on the 26th of October! Cannot wait to see you all! I also am looking forward to seeing my general practioner, and hopefully the nuerologist there as well. This trip is such a blessing already! Though a huge part of my heart already longs for the return home. I will be in the states till Mid-December!

Needing- 18 more $26 a month sponsors for the house. You can click that nifty little donate button for recurring donations and sign up for just $26 a month! YOU are what keep things going here, for real.

Crying-..... I cannot even remember the last time I cried, seriously.

Laughing- at Moses the other day. He asked me to draw a spider, so I did. When I handed it to him he threw the paper over his head and went screaming down the driveway "Aaaaah its a spider!" that kid is 100% all personality!

Missing- All the visitors we had this summer! And ice cream. I hate to admit how much lately I have thought of real legit ice cream. I blame the steroids!

Taking mama B and Liz to see Rwandan dancers in August.

Listening- to Chip Ingram's series "Unstuck". I apparently am very verbal when I listen to sermons. The other day Moses woke up from nap and heard me listening to it, and immediately said "Amen! .... You are killing me Chip!" I was dying laughing, that kid has too much personality!

If you want to know more about what Multiple Scolorisis is, watch the video below!

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