Friday, August 1, 2014

Dear Moses

Photo credit- Tash McCarroll
Dear Moses,

I love you. I wish I could express just how much I love and adore you. From the time I laid eyes on this tiny boy in the orphanage, with crazy wild long hair. With pinches at the end of his ears like little elf ears. With this tiny cute button nose, big eyes that danced with life, tiny fingers gripped around mine. You were perfect and precious, and my heart was captivated and enthralled.

I never knew those days I just soaked you in, that one day you would be calling me mom. And it has been one of the greatest honors of my life. I love how you were scared to take your first steps, and cried when you walked. I love how once you got over that fear, you were wild and crazy, and fell because you just couldn't go fast enough. I love how even today, you just want to RUN. You run laps around this house kid, and leave this mama in the dust. I love how you act like a runner in the olympics, and its serious business.

I love the look on your face when you master something new. The pride that beams from your eyes, when you potty trained, when you learned to blow bubbles, the first time you successfully used silverwear (though you still opt out of using them as often as possible!). I love the sheer joy of stirring for mommy when I am cooking.

I love how you make sure everyone has enough. If you want something to drink, you get frustrated as you try to carry a cup for everyone else in the house, because you want to make sure everyone has one too!!
Trying to get you to sleep

I love how cuddle up next to me, and lean your head next to my arm. I love the way you reach your arm up and wrap it around my neck. I love how you giggle and ask for one more kiss before bed. I love how you make sure I kiss your stuffed bear and gorilla too, and make sure mommy tucks them in too. I love how you say good morning sunshine, even when Mommy is still half awake. I love the little smile you give when you feel content.

I love how you keep trying. I love how the world is new, and exciting through your eyes. I love that little part of your hair that always seems to spring away in its own crazy direction. I love how you love to swim and take baths. I love how you would take a dozen baths a day if I would let you. I love how you get excited and scream and hollar "YAY POWER BACK!" when the power comes back on.
I love how you love animals. I love how you get so excited about every cow, chicken, goat, and sheep that enters even the corner of your vision. I love how you are concerned for our dog, and I love how you sit in the driveway and lay back to watch the birds overhead. I love how it is so exciting to you, and I love how you just love to watch birds.

I love how you sleep crazy, with the pillow over your stomach like its the blanket. I love that you cannot sleep with socks on, neither can mommy. I love how you love those yellow rainboots, and it will surely be a sad day in this house when they no longer fit.

I love how when we pray at dinner, you know the first few sentences I say by heart and you shout the last word of each one. "Lord, thank you for this....." and you get so excited to shout "DAY!"
I love your strong will and leadership qualities, and thats what we will call them. I pray that I can help guide you, because I see the Lord rising up a powerful leader in you. I love how you get so determined in what you think is a good idea in the moment, that you just cannot understand why the entire room is not so excited to go run and blow bubbles, because you just know, that you know that is the best idea since sliced bread.

I love how you scream "SUPAMAN!" and how you say sorry to your superhero underwear if you have a accident "sorry supaman, all wet. Sorry, sorry."

You have taught me more about love, and stretched me, and made me grow more than anything else in this world. It is a honor to watch you grow up. It is a joy! I pray I am the mom you deserve everyday, and that the Lord helps me to guide you. He has got some big plans for you, and I cannot wait to see what the Lord has for you!


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