Saturday, June 14, 2014

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Tarison and my dog. I watch Tairson during the week while his mom is in class.

Reading- Fire By Night. The First book in this Lynn Austin series is Candle In The Darkness. I must admit I was surprised how much I love these books! They are Christian historical fiction. I am not a history buff at all, but these books are just awesome.

Eating- Carbs, of course. What else do you eat in Africa?!

Rebecca and her new friend, the daughter of the couple with the ministry A Voice For Rwanda. If your going to have a meeting you might as well have it on the beach, right? (Rebecca on the left, at Lake Kivu)

Partnering- With a new ministry on the ground here. So my home is now officially their third group/transitional home. It really doesn't change what my home looks like, or all that. But it gives it a title. Which is a accurate title. Hoping to be switched over soon to the missions organization in Texas. Very excited about all these changes. One door closes, but more long term doors open. God surely know what He is doing. Why do we hold onto our will so tightly, and grieve it so immensely, when God is just longing to give us something more concrete?! Yeah... I guess a lesson we learn all through our life here. (His Chase ROCKS, and the change out from underneath them, was more a technicality, on what they are registered for in country. If that makes sense. They are doing such incredible things, and I 100% endorse what they are doing for the kids from the orphanage. You should totally get on board with that! God is moving incredibly through them!)

Tilly waiting to greet Rebecca with a paw, after she gets off the school bus.

Drinking- Well, at the moment coffee with some cinnamon.

Listening - To podcasts. Chip Ingram "Is There A Parent In The House" is amazing!!! And Life Church In The Fire two part series, just pump this girl up!!

Moses second time ever to swing. He was absolutely loving it. I think the kids are hoping we will need more meetings.

Excited- It is that time of year again. What time of year? Visitors and teams!

Sad- A good friend is leaving the country. The turn over rate is for the birds, yo! Is it possible to miss someone who hasn't gotten on the plane yet, but just the thought of them going, you miss them already?! I think I already miss her!

Watching - VeggieTales. Introducing my little's to this epic and amazing show.

Mo and Becca, same day with meeting with A Voice For Rwanda. Yep, this picture is pretty accurate!

Sleeping- In shifts again. Hello.... crazy sleep cycle....we meet again!! I so need to stop taking naps when the little ones do, because when I do that, is when I wake up at hours, that no one should be awake at. (today 3:15am!)

Quilting- Wait, what?! Yep, working on my first Ketenge quilt. What can I say.... put on a podcast, and start sewing.... is relaxation to the T. Love it. I am a weird person who loves repetition. If it is the same thing over and over, I adore it. Yeah, I know, I am in a small percent of the world on that love.

Mo and Tarison enjoying some time in the tub..... perhaps so this mama could wrap up some paperwork. Never thought I would get the most work done, sitting on the bathroom floor while these little's splashed in the tub. Tarison is Mo's BFF for sure, and he is glad they get to play while Tarison's mama goes to class during the week.

Quote- "Loneliness is Gods cry for intimacy." COME ON. How often do we look at the lonesome times in our lives, as it being God crying out for more intimate time with us. The times where our heart is unguarded, and we press in closer to Him?! If some of the loneliest times I have had her, was so I could learn to rely on God more strongly, it was worth it 100%.

Needing- Some more donors. You always seem to loose a few in the cracks, when you switch. And in the midst of administrative (I guess that's the best word for it) changes, the bills still need to get paid, groceries still need to be purchased, Doctors appointments to make, medications to buy, and so forth. Right now in defenitatly a time of change, approaching on a new season, with many new exciting possibilities. But as we wade through the paperwork, interviews, paperwork, and more paperwork, we still have to do the daily life stuff. Any bit helps, you can click the donate  buttons on the right hand toward the top of this page to make a donation. I have seen the Lord provide, and its not my biggest concern. (there will be another switch though. Right now the donations are going to my paypal, and then once I am under the missions org, it will then switch to them. Which then I am sure I will loose a few in that switch again as well! Oy vey!)

My little helper! Rebecca loves to help me mix, measure, and stir. Friday dessert and a movie for the kids. We have been making lots of banana bread. :)

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