Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rediscovering my imagination.

So this morning, I saw Moses and Rebecca hitting rocks
with some sticks. Sticks seem to be a favorite in this home as
a toy. So it sparked my imagination..... and I got to work.
First to make the golf clubs. A five iron? I have no idea
what each club is called, just a five iron. So we will just go ahead
and say they are all five irons. Or five cardboards.
And then to make a ball light enough for the five iron cardboard
to hit.
Some of the sticks where not golf club worthy/ strong enough.
So we had to go ahead and improvise to get some stronger ones.
Moses was pretty excited at my experiment.
And we have golf..... kind of.

The start of the Rwandan Olympic golf team?

Its funny how kids can reawaken your imagination.
But I guess its time I go be the adult, take a shower,
and get some house work done, while the kids play
some golf outside. :)