Wednesday, April 2, 2014

One more week to wait

Two weeks ago Alice had surgery here.
And we were so happy to bid farewell to King Faisal hospital
for a little while.
A week from today we head back to the hospital
to get the biopsy results.
If there is a way for your soul to hold its breath,
my soul is holding its breath.
Please pray with me, as we wait for the biopsy results.
Pray for the CT scan we will get when we go back,
the ultrasound, the biopsy results.
My biggest fear is it will come back positive for
drug resistant TB.
Please pray against that diagnosis!!
This is her previous CT scan.
The darker spot on the bottom is the mass.
I am praying for a very drastic different CT scan
on the 9th when we go back.....
Breath.... trust..... bold prayers......
So I am pleading with you to join me in praying for Alice!
Girl came back from surgery, and came home and was
determined to finish her national exams at school.
And she did just that!
Education is power to change the future!
And Alice has been going back to the school as much
as she can, to continue to study during the holiday break.
I continue to be amazed!
Night before surgery, pizza and movies in her room.
I know my God is big! And I know he is still in the business of healing.
I also know that he can deliver us from, in, or by the fires.
This girl holds such a huge place in my heart.
Pray with us in this last week of waiting.
Mark you calendars.
April 9th.
In Christ,

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