Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tears and praises in the hallways of trail.

Right now its a holy hallway, praising kind of time.
It is when the raw dependence on God is not so glamorous
but it is pretty messy and hard.
Alice was in a lot of pain the other day,
and so we brought her back to the hospital in Kigali.
The tumors are back and worse than before.
In the CT scan we got today, you could not even see
many of her organs, because the tumors in her lower abdomen
are entangled with her organs, and possibly for a few
they are growing inside those organs.
She was admitted onto the surgical floor,
and she will have a very risky surgery either tomorrow or Saturday.
We don't have answers, and I don't have the will to go into
possibilities of all this.
But please be praying.
He can heal her.
He can deliver her.
She needs peace.
We are really scared.
And we don't know how or what door God will open.
So as we sit in the hallway, we will praise Him.


  1. Lifting you and Alice to the Father.

  2. praying and thinking of you and Alice often!!!