Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Someone turned two!

Well someone turned two years old!!
On Tuesday we took Moses and Tarison (a tot I watch while his mom
goes to school during the day!) to Serena so they could swim in the kiddy pool
and have some icecream. Tarison wanted NOTHING to do with it,
Moses once he started to ease in on his own, well he started to do well.
He would stand up on the step, or sit on the side. Tarison, would have
none of it.
A morning full of sun, water, and soda.
We were all pretty tired that night, and
I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow!!
Then yesterday he woke up as a two year old.
And we got to work making tortilla's in our pajama's
for birthday dinner.
Then of course, we had birthday dinner (soft taco's)
cake, and all the fun that comes with all of that! :)
My little man is two!
He totally blew out the candles, but then it was on
for grabbing the first cupcake to eat. :)
Moses, you are my sunshine.
I never knew it was possible to love someone
as much I love you.
Just when I think I could not possibly love you more,
I find I love you even more! You can make me smile
and laugh on the darkest hardest days.
I love watching how people are absolutely drawn to you
and I cannot wait to see what the Lord has for you!
I know he has BIG BIG plans for you Moses.
And I know first and foremost you are the Lords,
and I am honored that you brighten my every day.
You are indeed wonderfully and fearfully made.
I am so glad that I got to meet that baby left in the box,
in a rain storm. Because from that moment
your little life, changed my life forever.
I love you little man!! <3

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