Saturday, January 18, 2014


Recently slacking on the recentlys.

Laughing - that my son belched so loud in the middle of a Rwandan wedding, that EVERYONE turned to see where that inhuman sound came from. Yep, don't mind my son, he drank some orange soda.... carry on.... with the wedding and all.

Eating - More Rwandan food lately. Ya know.... carbs.

Drinking - water mix-in's. Mmmmmm Hawaiin punch, how do you make the best ones?!

Listening -  Enter The Worship Circle, esp at night.

Sleeping- What is that?! I have never slept so horridly in my life. Ugh. Seriously like 4-5 hours lately, is a good night! So the other night I took a sleeping pill, but woke up more drowsy than when I just naturally, well stink at sleeping.

Amazed- that Rebecca is staying with us now for school. This girl! Seriously. As one of my girls would say "she make my heart go boom, beep, beep." Yeah, I don't know either.

Moses- Just had ONE YEAR HOME. Seriously? Kid is growing so fast, and I love to watch him grow more and more. Tonight when I put him to bed, kid knows how to melt my heart. "Mommy, one more kiss, pea's??? PEAS!!!" We are almost past the teething stage, as he has cut all of his canine teeth. Is it really necessary to call these teeth the canine teeth?! He loves to count! Mainly because before he had the belief that something wonderful like raspberries on his stomach, or being lifted over a puddle like he was flying over it, or a tickle monster was going to get him once he hit the number three. But we increased that to five. ;) But he counts to five now!! Seriously, kids are sponges!! He will mimic everything you say, and I am shocked sometimes when I ask him a question and he gives me a legit answer. Still obsessed with cars, motto's, and oh my goodness kid will go crazy happy if he catches a plane flying overhead. He says thank you a million times a day, but we are still working on the pleases. And still wont stop saying thank you till you say "your welcome." He is just a well adapted, happy little guy. And no matter how hard a day is, he makes me laugh so hard.

Proud- of Jeannette. Who rocked her first semester of University, and placed FIRST in her class for her first semester. Doesn't surprise me one iota. Girl is so smart!!

Slacking- on the blogging

Feeling- stressed, yo. I am one big ole jumbled up mess of emotion.

Crying- lets not even talk about it.

Blessed- by these little's in my house. Though they demand the most attention and constant work, they also make me smile and laugh more than I ever knew. Being a single parent is hard anywhere, but then you add doing it in Africa, and you might think the person crazy. I question my own sanity too sometimes, its alright if you do too.

Dreaming- of Gorilla's, coffee plantations, and lions oh my. Seriously if my dreams lately could be anymore Africa like, I would be living in.....oh, wait. Gorilla's petting cows, Lions coming to save me after I realized he wasn't going to claw me to death. Planes crashing in coffee plantations, and of course the one guy at the plantation spoke Swahili, and all I could understand was "ok" (sawa). For real, what in the world.

Praying- Some desperate, bold, scary, hard, and loud prayers lately.

Loving- This song.

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