Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why hello 2014.

2013 in review
This year has brought many ups and downs.
So a little review of 2013.......
Moses became my foster son on January 17th 2013.
Alice moved in, went off to school, got sent home because she kept
saying she had major stomach pain. In a mad dash and one
scared out of her mind mama, we took her into Kigali.
And found she had tumors in her stomach caused by TB.
I paced in front of a OR, for hours on end, cried my eyes out
in hospital hallways, slept in a plastic lawn chair next to her bed
hit my knee's in the most unlikely places. And God healed her!
She finishes her meds next month, and is starting school again this month.
I got a chance to go back to the states for a visit!!!
We had many visitors come to visit!!
My church came, and be still my heart that I got to watch
them fall in love with the kids I fell in love with two years
almost to date when I came on my first trip!!
And many many more!!!
Alice Uwera finished her first year at Riveria for H.E.G.
(History, Economics, Geography) with flying colors!!
I am so proud of her, and the leader she is becoming!!
Flora finished her year at King David Academy in Kigali, and
I couldn't be more proud of her!!
Doreen was home this year, because the beginning of the year
she had some health issues that we needed to attend too.
Once we took care of them, she was unable to attend because
they already registered all the students for national exams.
Now she is getting ready to attend school in Kigali
this year and is so excited!
Jeanette started university in Gisenyi!!
And I know this girl is rocking it. She missed
over half of her last term in high school because of eye
problems. But she went and took her national
exams and rocked it! Now she is ROCKING
We moved into our new house!!
The entire year of 2013, Rwanda has been home.
Its scenery still takes my breath away!!
And it has nestled itself into my heart.
I have learned more about myself this year than ever before.
I have cried harder than I ever have before, and laughed even harder.
And now I cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for me, and my home.
But already, a big new change is coming to the house today,
and I can hardly contain the excitement and joy!!

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