Friday, December 6, 2013

Playing catch-up.

A photography team came from the states,
to photograph the sponsorship kids in my front yard.
We ended up getting some awesome pictures for ourselves too! 

We have been playing a bit of catch-up in the house. The girls who live with me from the orphanage, have been needing some medical, and dental catch up. I sent one of the girls to get a consult for her teeth, and in the examination, her one molar crumbled when the dentist examined it with the pokey metal cavity checker. I am sure that is the technical word for it. So Thanksgiving turned into a oral surgery day for her. She still needs quiet a bit of dental work to get her caught up where she needs to be. (Totaling $350) .

Doreen's first birthday party! <3

We also have one of the girls who has been dealing with some pretty heavy emotional stuff. There is a councilor in Kigali, which she can see, to help her find some full healing.

I wanted to invite you to partner with me, to play some catch up with us, to get them emotionally and physically where they need to be for the new school year! I wanted to invite you to partner with me, that they can study without pain of ulcers, tooth aches, or some emotional healing that needs to take place. (I dont feel comfortable airing her emotional needs on a public venue, but this one is way over me. And something I need to get a professional's help, to help her learn some coping techniques.) I wanted to invite you to partner with me, that they do not miss any schooling this coming year, for a medical need that needs to get taken care of, because it got to a crisis point.

Flora and one of GJ's puppies...

And it goes way beyond the physical and emotional needs of the girls. It also ministers to them, to know that we care about them as a whole. It whispers to their hearts, that we care about their pain, whatever form that it is. That they are loved, and we are not going to have them go to school, with extreme tooth aches. Or brush aside that they are trying to study, with a painful ulcer. It is the care that ministers to their whole being, mind, body, and soul. Would you partner with me, that the girls can go back to school, having all their needs met, and able to concentrate fully on their schooling?

Visiting Jeannette at University. She is missing from the pictures,
from when the team was here, as she was off rocking her college classes.
 I plan to take all the girs for a dental consult on Monday, so that we can make sure no one else is in danger of any teeth rotting, and to get any dental problems taken care of now. Also the girls are all going to go get insurance (which they cannot use for the first month, and also does not cover dental). And hopefully next week, we can start with getting them all to the private clinic, and getting everything else taken care of, before the new school year begins!

All donations are tax deducatable. Just click the "donate now" button on the right side near the top of this page, and when it takes you to the donation page, select my name from the drop down menu! Every little bit helps!

Alice joining some traditional Rwandan dancing.
Lots of love from Rwanda,
Hosea 14:3 "In you the orphan finds mercy." 

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