Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The blessing in the common place....

It is possible to make tortilla's from scratch? Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?
This morning After oversleeping like crazy.
I did the normal morning routine with Mo,
then started plugging away on making homemade tortilla's
for dinner and bible study at my house tonight.
I think there is a sixth love language, which is called a "feeder"
"feeder" love language people, like to cook for those they love.
Moses was outside playing with Baptistie, my house help,
trying to cut the grass with him, with his empty plastic water bottle.
The girls woke up, came in and hugged me and said "Morning Mommy."
Flour all over my t-shirt and pajama pants,
Moses running in from time to time, pushing a empty sippy cup at me,
going "MOM! MOM! AMMMMATA!" (Milk)
And suddenly in the middle of it all, in the common place,
it hit me. All of it in a instant hit me.
And the tears started to roll down my cheeks.
And I was overwhelmed with the blessed life I live.
Perhaps it hasn't come along like it does for most people.
But then again I seem to throw out those "common milestones"
right out the window. Never walked down a isle to graduate,
never walked down a isle to get married, never went to prom.
All those pictures that line most parents hallways and walls, never
lined mine. I may never have birthed these kids the traditional ways,
but I sure have labored in my prayers for them, and God has birthed
each one of them in my heart. I may have never heard a doctor proclaim
"It's a boy!" but I have held this three week old infant in my arms, in a
stuffy infant room in a orphanage in Africa,
and then went away, and labored for him in prayer. I have seen a
girl lean against the brick walls of a orphanage, and despite
never being a "teen person" that day she was conceived in my heart.
And I went away and labored for her in prayer, and she was birthed in
my heart.
I have always wanted kids. I mean, I was the AWANA leader,
Sunday School teacher, full time nanny, and nursery worker.
And then nearly two years ago, I had to have a hysterectomy,
so birthing my own children, the "normal" way was certainly not a option anymore.
And I feel no bitterness. But this amazing holiness in the common place.
I feel this blessing wash over me. And I know had things be done
the "convential" way in my life, this little man pushing a empty
sippy cup in my face, while I am covered in flour and a tortilla is
burning in the pan, would be in a crowded orphanage room,
having a parade of caregivers. He would be a number.
Everyone of those kids deserve more than that, because so much
potential lies in each and everyone of them.
I am so glad God has never given me "normal".
I am so glad God has given me the desires of my heart, in the most
unlikely places, I would have never imagined.
And so as he was shoving his empty sippy cup in my face, as the girls were
talking and giggling, as the tortilla burned. Tears rolled down my cheeks
and I thought "What a amazing, blessed life this is. Thank you God."
I got this chair for my birthday, but Mo has taken
it has his own, as much as possible.
Living this blessed little life in this little corner of Africa,

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