Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Currently October 2013


Cooking- All kinds of yeast breads. Cinnamon rolls? Yes, please!

Drinking- Lots more water. This caffeine addicted girl is trying to decrease caffeine intake hoping it helps with the migraines that plague me lately.

Having- Way more meetings about things way too close to my heart, than I would like!

Looking- Into going to Switzerland in January for five nights, for a Christian debreifing place, that helps people like me who live outside their culture, learn........... skills.

Watching- More Bubble Guppies, than I care to admit. Seems to be Mo and the girls nightly show. Funny how they come running when they hear the theme song, and laughed for so long last night about one of em getting "Mac and tree's" in their lunch. Crack. Me. Up.

Expecting- Puppies! GJ is preggo, and being the person who likes to know what to expect with most everything, I am the annoying person who takes her dog temp everyday to see if she should be having them within 24 hours. (Normal temp 101-102. 24 hours or less before labor begins, drops below 100. She has been a steady 101.3. Yeah, I am weird like that!)

Planning- My VISA renewl trip to Uganda the beginning of November, more excited to just get away from daily demands, read, and rest.

Enjoying- The Beth Moore bible study on Fruit Of The Spirit with Amy and Amanada.

Stalking- The post office, knowing a few packages should be coming. I may or may not be tempted to rip em open on the motto on the way home. I know this before they even get here. Come on pumpkin goooooodness!!!

Sleeping- Inconsistently

Frustrated- With the lack of power and running water lately. Last night, no power. This morning, no running water. Some days, neither. Makes me appreciate both so much more, when we do have them.

Needing- A husband apperantly, because I keep getting the hiccups. (Thankfully I am not dropping silverwear, because then they would really be telling me I need a husband!)

Reading- Mockingjay, the last book in the Hunger Games. Third time through this series. People can gift you books on Amazon to your kindle. *Cough cough*

Boiling- Water for a bucketbath. Hello, life lately.

School- Is out and the house is filling up again. Got two older/new faces around in the house. Patricia and Flora. Then we got two more coming home this weekend as well. It is the end of the school year here, kinda like their summer break. School resumes in January. Though the University kids wont get off till mid December. And let the revolving door of the house keep on swinging.

King David- Kids are all back at the orphanag for the break. So things have been hopping around here!

Rocking the yogurt mustache. Pretty much refuses a sippy now, but drinking
awesome out of cups on his own.

Moses- Has all four of his one year molars, so glad that teething will take a break for awhile. He has been learning more parts of his body, and now can show you where his hands, elbow, tummy, ears, eyes, and teeth are. Though we have shown him where his nose is for months, when you ask he just stares at you, then goes "EYES!" or "TEETH!" or "ELBOWWWW" and points to those, kid refuses to point to his nose. His new favorite song is "The Wheels on the bus" and it cracks me up when he does the babies on the bus go waah waah waah. Every. Single. Time! He loves to read more and more nowdays, and will bring you books endlessly. He stopped calling all animals "dogs" and is now learning what other animals say. So now we hear "Chirp chirp" and "Mooooo" and "Baaaah" as he flips through his books. Though yesterday he pointed to the butterfly and said "MOM! Mooo? Chirp?!" And I had no answer for the poor kid.

Thankful- For all my friends and church family who support me endlessly. My poor pastor who still has this girl calling desperate for council, or just someone to listen to her rant, and pray with her.

Raised- $231 for my 33rd birthday. You all rock, and thats almost 2.5 months of school for one of the lovelies in the orphanage.

Alice off to go get water when the running water is not running,
in every empty water bottle we can scrounge up known to man!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Plan's change.

That girl. That girl who in 2011 could it have been that long ago?! who stood watching this team who came to the orphanage she grew up in, leaning against the brick orphanage wall, observing. That girl who I talked to, fell in love with, and who changed my life. That same girl, who has taught me so much in the last few years, about patience, acceptance, love, and how to laugh so hard you literally are on the ground laughing. That girl, who I had plans for.

And that’s where the story takes a big change. I had plans for her. I had a very direct plan. I would move here, and when she finished school, I would scoop her up, and take her home, and she could go to college in America, she could live there, with me. I would never have to let her go again, always keep her close, and smother her with love.

And the plan was going so well, here I was in Rwanda, cheering her through her education.

But then...... but then! Then I started to watch her being shaped into a leader. Watched her start a bible study and prayer group, meeting at her bed, in her dorm room, every night. I have watched her start to test her wings. I have watched God shape so much compassion and patience in her heart. Not to say she doesn’t have her teenage moments for sure. But I have seen her rise above! Again and again and again.

And suddenly my plans seemed...... selfish.

Rwanda needs her here.

I started to stop considering what my plans were for her, and started to ponder what Gods plans where for her. I know, duh! And all of a sudden this idiot started to pray, not for God to make a way for me to scoop her away, but for me to not get in His way, for her life.

You see, I have been frustrated a lot lately. And a clear share of it is with myself.

Broken promises and comparison have been two big ones.

After the team left from my church, me and the girls in the house took a fun day in Kigali for my birthday. We needed some down time, some time to bond and laugh. And not once but twice we were hit with comparison. How America was better, and had better opportunities. And secondly with a comparison to Kigali, and what we were missing out. And I found the girls starting to want what others coined as better, a solution.

It was that night my frustrations rambled out of my mouth, as tears rolled down my cheeks. How dare you! How dare we feel this way. God has us right where he wants us. The best place for any of us to be, is not where you can go bowling anytime you well feel like it. Or you paycheck meets your desire for entertainment. The best place for any of us to be in the center of Gods will for us.

Anyone to feel, that their solution is a location, or material things, has got it all wrong.
Lots of love from Rwanda,

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The blessing in the common place....

It is possible to make tortilla's from scratch? Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?
This morning After oversleeping like crazy.
I did the normal morning routine with Mo,
then started plugging away on making homemade tortilla's
for dinner and bible study at my house tonight.
I think there is a sixth love language, which is called a "feeder"
"feeder" love language people, like to cook for those they love.
Moses was outside playing with Baptistie, my house help,
trying to cut the grass with him, with his empty plastic water bottle.
The girls woke up, came in and hugged me and said "Morning Mommy."
Flour all over my t-shirt and pajama pants,
Moses running in from time to time, pushing a empty sippy cup at me,
going "MOM! MOM! AMMMMATA!" (Milk)
And suddenly in the middle of it all, in the common place,
it hit me. All of it in a instant hit me.
And the tears started to roll down my cheeks.
And I was overwhelmed with the blessed life I live.
Perhaps it hasn't come along like it does for most people.
But then again I seem to throw out those "common milestones"
right out the window. Never walked down a isle to graduate,
never walked down a isle to get married, never went to prom.
All those pictures that line most parents hallways and walls, never
lined mine. I may never have birthed these kids the traditional ways,
but I sure have labored in my prayers for them, and God has birthed
each one of them in my heart. I may have never heard a doctor proclaim
"It's a boy!" but I have held this three week old infant in my arms, in a
stuffy infant room in a orphanage in Africa,
and then went away, and labored for him in prayer. I have seen a
girl lean against the brick walls of a orphanage, and despite
never being a "teen person" that day she was conceived in my heart.
And I went away and labored for her in prayer, and she was birthed in
my heart.
I have always wanted kids. I mean, I was the AWANA leader,
Sunday School teacher, full time nanny, and nursery worker.
And then nearly two years ago, I had to have a hysterectomy,
so birthing my own children, the "normal" way was certainly not a option anymore.
And I feel no bitterness. But this amazing holiness in the common place.
I feel this blessing wash over me. And I know had things be done
the "convential" way in my life, this little man pushing a empty
sippy cup in my face, while I am covered in flour and a tortilla is
burning in the pan, would be in a crowded orphanage room,
having a parade of caregivers. He would be a number.
Everyone of those kids deserve more than that, because so much
potential lies in each and everyone of them.
I am so glad God has never given me "normal".
I am so glad God has given me the desires of my heart, in the most
unlikely places, I would have never imagined.
And so as he was shoving his empty sippy cup in my face, as the girls were
talking and giggling, as the tortilla burned. Tears rolled down my cheeks
and I thought "What a amazing, blessed life this is. Thank you God."
I got this chair for my birthday, but Mo has taken
it has his own, as much as possible.
Living this blessed little life in this little corner of Africa,