Friday, September 13, 2013

I may be getting old...

Soooooooooo.... it is that time of year again. The time I cannot avoid, ugh. Why is it once you hit 30, it seems like all you have left after that is 40? And then 40 goes straight to 60 right? I may have some irrational fears of aging.

All I want for my birthday this year, is to put a lovelie from the orphanage in boarding school longer! Boarding school offers so much HOPE to these kids, its wild. I have been so honored to get to ride busses full of these kids as they saw the school for the first time. I have got to witness the change from the day they stepped on those busses and went to school. I have got to see their faces light up when they talk about their sponsors. I have been BLESSED, to get to go along for some of the ride with them. And so my hearts desire is to make sure these lovelies STAY in a good school, with good meals, amazing education, and that keeps equipping them with tools, to reach their goals. To become whatever the Lord has destined for them. Because I for one, am convinced of the hope and future the Lord has for each of them.

So for my birthday, would you consider donating $33? Because perhaps that is how old this girl is going to be. And then on the 26th, on the inevitable day that I am a year older, we can celebrate, the finances donated for these lovelies and their future? I am kinda totally smitten with these kids a bit!
Their first day getting to see the school and getting tested for placement.

Seriously that would be THE BEST birthday present you could give me. So let's start investing in some futures this year.

To donate, click the "donate now" button on the upper right side. And instead of selecting my name, select "Orphan education fund"

Lets secure for some of these lovelies, I am kinda in love with.


Each face has a story, and has a future.
Wont you invest in that future for them with me?
I want to usher in the next year, securing the future for some of these lovelies!!
Lots of love from Rwanda,


  1. I will be doing this... but it will take awhile for me to get the money over. Just wanted you to know. :)