Friday, September 20, 2013

Currently- September


Sleeping- Fantastic. Mo moved into his own room, so no more laying still hoping he doesn't realize I am awake, at 3/4am, because then he wont go back to sleep.

Reading- The hunger games.... again. I seriously need some new books.

Studying- The fruits of the spirit, Beth Moore study. WOOT!

Recovering- From malaria.

Listening- To the rain and storms (why is it so refreshing to listen and watch it pour?!)

Watching- Once Upon A Time season 2, with the girls when we can.

Frustrated - When the power goes out for the umtenth time in a week.

Remembering- How much I love to cross stitch, and what a stress reliever it is for me.

Excited- To see so many people this weekend. Rebecca, Mark and Kendyll Jacobs, and going to see Jeannette at college.

Grateful- That I have the luxury to see the Dr, get blood work, diagnosis, and medications easily. Because of all the faithful supporters in the states.

Missing- The CMA short term team being here. Esp missing being able to get the council and prayer of my pastor being right here in the house.

Laughing- That I got a car, and the same day, the axel broke, and the tow truck broke down when it came to get it to take it to the mechanics. I seriously could not stop laughing.

Realizing- Gods amazing provision, and how when the money needs to be there, it always is.

Blessed- By my mama bear back in the states, and realizing how love makes you feel, when someone loves you ferociously, and always shows up when you need them. Blessed to get a email, knowing if that mama bear needed to hop on a plane across the states and Ocean, they would do it. A mama bears love is a strong thing, and blessed to also have a mama bear who loves me without limits.

Loving- That flowers that I haven't seen when the dry season hit, are coming back. Esp my favorite ones. :)

Drinking- Lots of coffee, because a girl kept thinking the headaches were caffeine headaches, ops.

Eating- Biscuits and gravy, a girl made homemade biscuits the other day, and was so excited to see them actually work out!

Crying- In the shower, when it seems everything that keeps under the surface comes flooding to the surface.

Thinking- That it is comical I said I was going to be here two years, now looking into what I need to do to get dual citizenship. I think this girl is home.

Finding- Myself more guarded lately.

Moses- Is cutting all FOUR one year molars at one time, you can feel a little part of tooth coming through on all four. He is saying more and more everyday, moved into his own room, and just had one trying night in far. I often find myself staring at him and remembering the 10 month old that came home who wore 3 month old clothes, and still cannot get over who he is today. His personality blooms more everyday.

Planning- Another short term team to come from my church. Or at least just looking at some dates. Say, whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

Missing- My Alysse at boarding school, and packages.

Finding- Myself almost another year older. Check out the post before this one, to see what I really want for my birthday this year!

Appreciating- Amy a few houses down, taking Moses a few times for this mama to get a break and rest when in the thick of the malaria.

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