Friday, September 20, 2013

Currently- September


Sleeping- Fantastic. Mo moved into his own room, so no more laying still hoping he doesn't realize I am awake, at 3/4am, because then he wont go back to sleep.

Reading- The hunger games.... again. I seriously need some new books.

Studying- The fruits of the spirit, Beth Moore study. WOOT!

Recovering- From malaria.

Listening- To the rain and storms (why is it so refreshing to listen and watch it pour?!)

Watching- Once Upon A Time season 2, with the girls when we can.

Frustrated - When the power goes out for the umtenth time in a week.

Remembering- How much I love to cross stitch, and what a stress reliever it is for me.

Excited- To see so many people this weekend. Rebecca, Mark and Kendyll Jacobs, and going to see Jeannette at college.

Grateful- That I have the luxury to see the Dr, get blood work, diagnosis, and medications easily. Because of all the faithful supporters in the states.

Missing- The CMA short term team being here. Esp missing being able to get the council and prayer of my pastor being right here in the house.

Laughing- That I got a car, and the same day, the axel broke, and the tow truck broke down when it came to get it to take it to the mechanics. I seriously could not stop laughing.

Realizing- Gods amazing provision, and how when the money needs to be there, it always is.

Blessed- By my mama bear back in the states, and realizing how love makes you feel, when someone loves you ferociously, and always shows up when you need them. Blessed to get a email, knowing if that mama bear needed to hop on a plane across the states and Ocean, they would do it. A mama bears love is a strong thing, and blessed to also have a mama bear who loves me without limits.

Loving- That flowers that I haven't seen when the dry season hit, are coming back. Esp my favorite ones. :)

Drinking- Lots of coffee, because a girl kept thinking the headaches were caffeine headaches, ops.

Eating- Biscuits and gravy, a girl made homemade biscuits the other day, and was so excited to see them actually work out!

Crying- In the shower, when it seems everything that keeps under the surface comes flooding to the surface.

Thinking- That it is comical I said I was going to be here two years, now looking into what I need to do to get dual citizenship. I think this girl is home.

Finding- Myself more guarded lately.

Moses- Is cutting all FOUR one year molars at one time, you can feel a little part of tooth coming through on all four. He is saying more and more everyday, moved into his own room, and just had one trying night in far. I often find myself staring at him and remembering the 10 month old that came home who wore 3 month old clothes, and still cannot get over who he is today. His personality blooms more everyday.

Planning- Another short term team to come from my church. Or at least just looking at some dates. Say, whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

Missing- My Alysse at boarding school, and packages.

Finding- Myself almost another year older. Check out the post before this one, to see what I really want for my birthday this year!

Appreciating- Amy a few houses down, taking Moses a few times for this mama to get a break and rest when in the thick of the malaria.

Friday, September 13, 2013

I may be getting old...

Soooooooooo.... it is that time of year again. The time I cannot avoid, ugh. Why is it once you hit 30, it seems like all you have left after that is 40? And then 40 goes straight to 60 right? I may have some irrational fears of aging.

All I want for my birthday this year, is to put a lovelie from the orphanage in boarding school longer! Boarding school offers so much HOPE to these kids, its wild. I have been so honored to get to ride busses full of these kids as they saw the school for the first time. I have got to witness the change from the day they stepped on those busses and went to school. I have got to see their faces light up when they talk about their sponsors. I have been BLESSED, to get to go along for some of the ride with them. And so my hearts desire is to make sure these lovelies STAY in a good school, with good meals, amazing education, and that keeps equipping them with tools, to reach their goals. To become whatever the Lord has destined for them. Because I for one, am convinced of the hope and future the Lord has for each of them.

So for my birthday, would you consider donating $33? Because perhaps that is how old this girl is going to be. And then on the 26th, on the inevitable day that I am a year older, we can celebrate, the finances donated for these lovelies and their future? I am kinda totally smitten with these kids a bit!
Their first day getting to see the school and getting tested for placement.

Seriously that would be THE BEST birthday present you could give me. So let's start investing in some futures this year.

To donate, click the "donate now" button on the upper right side. And instead of selecting my name, select "Orphan education fund"

Lets secure for some of these lovelies, I am kinda in love with.


Each face has a story, and has a future.
Wont you invest in that future for them with me?
I want to usher in the next year, securing the future for some of these lovelies!!
Lots of love from Rwanda,

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lets catch up shall we.

Wow, its been awhile. Lets catch up some, shall we. Grab your latte from the kitchen, pull up a chair on the front porch, sorry about my son and his new drumming obsession, and even sorrier if he mistakes you for a drum, and lets catch up, shall we.

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. (I know, I know, I say that probably more times than you can count!) I went back to the states, and life was crazy, amazing, but I was homesick. I had almost four crazy weeks back home with my church, and my friends. I guess I was not sure what it was going to be like, but it was different. Some friendships seemed to ease right back into what they were before I left, as if I had never been gone for a year. Other places I used to feel I fit, was like trying to cram a circle peice into a square hole. In some ways it was way too easy to just fall back into routine. In so many aspects it felt normal to be back in the states, but a huge peice of me was absent. Mainly that peice of me that was absent resided in the tiny hands of Moses. (In case I haven't mentioned it lately, I kinda ADORE this child)

But the trip was cut short, as Alice was having some health problems, which have since semi resolved. It was just good to be home, and my physical self and my heart were residing in the same place once again. Which is a fantastic feeling!

Then I got to go meet my church from America, who came to Rwanda! How can I even begin to put this into words?! As we went to Alysse's school for visiting day, and I looked back and saw my pastor crammed into the bus, I remembered sitting in his office, sobbing. "I have to do SOMETHING. I cannot. WILL NOT give up on her. I refuse to let her fall through the cracks. She has so much potential and I KNOW God has huge plans for her!" And what a incredible team they were. They put up with every little bump in the road and me with grace. I put them on motto's, crammed them on buses, tested their faith by putting those buses and motto's on some interesting roads. Never once did one of them complain or refuse to do something.

It was so good to see things from a different perspective. That fresh, new eyes, perspective. As sometimes I feel like a crazed firefighter, with a single extinghisher trying to put out fires. But as I got to watch them snuggle babies, chase toddlers, get spit up on, pee'd on, and forming these deep relationships with these kids. It was a breath of fresh air that I needed. It was a new perspective, a fresh perspective that I needed. It was a breath of fresh air. I got to watch their hearts be broken, and new dreams, visions, and passions planted in the soil of their hearts that was being broken up.

I really cannot put into words that entire experience, and how amazing it was.

And now the girls, Moses, and I are all back home. And the revolving door of this house keeps on swinging. The dynamic ever changing. And still my son runs around like a crazy kid, banging empty water bottles and turning everything into a drum. Grateful for frienships here, and other Americans to have latte's with. I was given some money before the team left, and was told I had to spend it on myself. A espresso/coffee maker was one of those purchases, and has made life insanely amazing. Its been me, Jesus and a latte in the morning. Minus this morning when my son attempted to break my will at 4:30am, but has yet to tell me his demands. We are both kinda dragging our feet through the morning.

I am anxiously awaiting the next adventure. Anxiously at the edge of my seat for those from my home church, and to see what God cultivates in the broken soil of their hearts, and what springs forth from it. Gladly smiling at the revolving door, and snickering a bit at the dynamic change. Thinking about where I was last year at this time, having just spent my first month in Rwanda. Smelling the latte's, cracking open the word on the front porch, and playing some temple run when I get the chance. Looking for some new books to read, and having the biggest cuddler in my house Alice, snuggle in next to me, with a hot coacoa.

And so the last few months has been a crazy whirlwind of activity. Kids back in school. Early mornings, and some naps. It has been so blessed. And I cannot believe it has been over a year here in Rwanda. And how quickly this little life in this little corner of Rwanda keeps on changing. And even more amazed at how God keeps working on this little heart of mine and how it keeps on changing.

And in the midst of this awesome update, my son is trying to climb the bars the lock behind the door. So I better get chasing him. How does a 18 month old always seem to have himself one step ahead of a 32 year old!?