Sunday, July 14, 2013

America bucket list

So, I leave in 54 hours to go visit America. But whose counting?! And so the last couple of weeks, randomly I would think of something, and add it to my American bucket list. So without further ado, the America visit bucket list.

American bucket list


·         Have a prayer and worship night with the girls.

·         Watch the fireworks over lake Ontario at harborfest

·         Eat a fried snickers at harborfest

·         Get a endless ride thing, and ride most all the rides at harborfest

·         Get over the jetlag in the first week back. (1pm back in the states and I am ready to crash! Got to get over that quick)

·         Farmers market...enough said.

·         Go to a broadway show in NYC (I think me and the girls have been watching far too many musicals)

·         Night away with just the girls.

·         Cheesecake at the cheesecake factory

·         Spread awareness of the ministries in Rwanda and how home can partner with God here.

·         Spinach artichoke dip and salad bar at Ruby Tuesday's.

·         Eat a whole block of REAL cheese. (no judgement is allowed)

·         Meet the Lord back at some of our places, the Oswego Tea Company, and our spot at the Lake.

·         Breakfast at Wade's diner. Don't judge all the food things on my list!

·         Go to the movies.

·         Borrow some of my favorite little's for some special days No one told me these kids would grow up so much in my absence. Not cool, really not cool.

·         Find a real cheap iphone or BB for Rwanda.

·         Walk the breaker walls at the lake.

·         Make at least 3 pinterest meals, that the ingredients are just not avail in Rwanda.

·         Spend a entire day at Barnes and Noble drinking coffee, and reading. (Oh be still my heart, be still)

·         Smores at a bonfire

·         Surprise some people at their front door.

·         Speak at church without my hands trembling.

·         One on one time with the besties.

·         Minister to my community back home, (Babysit for a date night for a couple who need it, make a dinner for someone in need of some encouragement, and leave random encouragement cards)

·         Skype dates with the girls.

·         Swim in Lake Ontario

·         Lunch and ice-cream at Rudy’s.


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