Saturday, June 29, 2013

We are just a bunch of basket cases

Mainly because I have a slight obsession  appreciation for baskets.
I decided the other day when we found out a neighbor makes them
 that I wanted to learn how to make them.
So this is our basket making adventure so far!
It started off with three days of laying out hay, and letting it
semi dry.
The first day of actual learning, I was in the kitchen at 7am, making Moses
some breakfast While he ran around in just a diaper and then our neighbor
Diane showed up, right at 7am, ready to teach us. The girls were sleeping
but as soon as I told them Diane was here, they all leapt up, we all could not
wait to learn!
Alice working on the start of her basket, when we really
were too tired to be awake. ;)
Jeannette learning to start a basket
And Moses got in on the basket making..
 Speaking of Moses, what was he doing most of the time?
He was hugging the dogs. (GJ is so good with him, and lets him basically climb
all over him, lay on him, hug him a million times, and follows him around.
Jiffy just basically runs away from him!)
And hugging everyone else too. This kid loves to hug, and "Yaaaambeeee"
is something we hear 100 times a day. Which means hug. And much to the dogs
dismay they probably hear a 100 times a day.  
Although he was banished to the saucer during snack time.
Five minute dance party?
Power nap??
Then I think 10 hours of following the tree shade, weaving baskets,
made us all a bit silly.
Starting him young.
So I started this blog on Monday night, and it is now Saturday afternoon.
So here is where we are with our baskets!!
And here are the girls with their baskets so far.
Doreen wins the basket award, as I think this girl would
make baskets in her sleep if she could.
And here is my basket, I was unavailable for photo
Because I am still in my pajama's.
 It has been so much fun to make these, but Dorine takes the cake,
as this girl will weave her basket by a cell phone light, if she has too.
Do not get between that girl and her amazing basket making skills on her
FIRST basket!
Lots of love from Rwanda,

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