Saturday, June 15, 2013

Currently in June....

15 months!! Kid has seven teeth, is no longer using a bottle, even before bed.
He is walking all the time now, has a seat at the table, and can say about 20 words.
He is getting soooooo big!! Oh be still my heart.
Reading – Sold.
Crying- Or not so much now. Entering into a season of rest, home, and recuperation. And just resting a bit.
Planning – Not so much. So much was put on the back burner with Alice being in the hospital. And I think those things can just simmer on those back burners for a while.
Hoping – That the Lord miracously heals Alice. But hoping if not that the biopsies come back positive for Tuberculosis (which is odd to say, but it is very treatable) and hoping and praying we are not looking at advanced Ovarian cancer. 
Waiting for surgery.
Praying- Some bold audacious prayers. Praying in front of surgical theaters, in hospital halls, in lawn chairs next to a hospital bed. Pleading some pretty bold prayers, claiming some big scripture.
Cooking – in my pajama’s when I am at home. The girls love when I cook, and recently they said I could be a chef, because I know to make a hamburger.
Searching – Or trying not to search the internet so much.
Eating – Quiet a bit in Kigali. A girl had Chinese food! And the hospital cafeteria have some awesome croissants’.
Home again. Alice is busy crocheting, and Dorine and Jeannette making beads.
Entering into a season where pajama's all day is totally acceptable!
Enjoying – Being at home!!
Sleeping – Not to well. My bed a few times this last month was a plastic lawn chair. I tried everything, a pillow on the back, laying my head at the foot of her bed. But a hospital is no place for sleep.
Watching – Soul Surfer with Alice, and we both were a crying mess.
Drinking – PEPSI! Kigali has Pepsi. Say whaaaaat?!
Laughing – At a few things. Jeannette was at the hospital with me, and when she stepped on the elevator at the hospital she grabbed my arm with big eyes and said “I feel like I am falling, but I am standing.” Laughing at how the girls still call Chicken “Booya”. And laughing at the guard tonight as I asked him who he was talking too (thinking it was Fideal and wanting to say hi) and he didn’t understand me, so I asked “You, who blah blah blah.” And he looks at me with his machete in one hand and says “Me, blah blah.” “What blah blah blah?”
Craving - A season at home.
Listening – To the girls laughing in their room.
Moses showered Alice in hugs and kisses once we got back from the hospital.
Feeling –Pretty helpless lately.  
Appreciating – All the prayers ya’ll have been lifting up!
Frustrated – We have to wait to find out what caused all these masses in Alice's stomach.
Wishing-  I could fix it, plan it, something. But knowing I am in the right spot, in a different reliance on God. Because I truly believe he DOES give us more than we can handle, so he can handle it, and we can learn to get out of the way and let him do his redemption, restoration, thing.
First. First time for two of em to try doughnuts. A friend Tara brought Alice a doughnut
in the hospital. I think they are in love!

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