Thursday, May 16, 2013

Currently in May....

Reading - The Power Of The Praying Parent, and a whole lot about peace in the word.
Crying- A lot. I have been a big cry baby.
Planning - The short term missions trip coming, me coming home for a visit, daycare (yes still). So much legistics to figure out. 
Hoping - I can keep my sanity through this tooth cutting Moses is doing. 
Praying- The Power Of The Praying Parent. And claiming a whole lot of it for myself as well.
Cooking - or more less baking. I made blueberry muffins from scratch the other day. Holla! Even if someone thought it was a scone.
Searching - For another option for chicken, till the chicken man gets back from Kampala. 
Eating - more than my share of carbs, as always. 
Enjoying - reading a whole lot lately. Sitting on the porch at night reading after Moses clonks out.
Sleeping - like a baby. But I am always up at 5am no matter what. Moses is always up at 7am, no matter what. Our times to wake up are like clock work.
Watching - The Big Bang Theory...... again.

Drinking - less coffee. My coffee maker died, and I haven't had the finances desire to go buy a new one. 
Laughing - At Moses and his reactions of experiencing the world around him.
Craving - A Subway BMT Italian sub, and sunchips.  (Thanks Lee Mistico, our conversation a few weeks ago, and the mention of subway, and the Italian BMT sub, is engraved in my mind!)
Listening - To Moses playlist on my itunes a lot. Which is VBS, with a few of his random favorites, like Pump Up The Jam. Hello throwbacks to the 80's.
Feeling - like a beautiful mess. 
Appreciating - all the happy mother’s day wishes on my timeline.
Frustrated - or not so much.
Wishing-  I could bring Moses home with my in July for my visit.
Missing- Alysse at boarding school.
Lots of love from Rwanda,

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