Monday, April 15, 2013



Reading - Soul Detox and Acts. (Though a big halt, with my kindle fire breaking. And two months or so till the replacement comes)

Crying- Over the silliest things, but not the big things.

Planning -  For visitors coming, the missions trip my church is taking here, the daycare, my trip home..... ok, just too much.

Hoping - We can open the doors of the daycare soon. There is so much to do in other regards for it.

Praying- The 40 day challenge for Circle Maker Or just reading the introduction so far.

Cooking -  Like crazy! Dry ranch packets, parm cheese, tossed in olive oil and potatoes and baked, has kinda lit up my world.

Searching - For real white flour.... seriously.

Eating - carbs. Because seriously all of you on the atkins diet, your carbs find their way here. Lunch was pasta with potatoes!

Enjoying - Watching my little man hit new milestones everyday, gaining more confidence, and becoming more normal. (whatever that is!) But is it odd to say I love he has a hesitency of strangers now days, and no longer see's every adult as a caregiver in a parade of caregivers in and out of his life.

Sleeping - On and off. Between the dogs always needing to go outside to go to the bathrom at 1/2am. And Moses crying now and then through the night. I can go pick him up, cradle him, and in 20 seconds lay him back down and its enough to get him to sleep through about another 2 hours.

Watching - LOST. Man, its even better the second time around. The girls cracked me up when they asked why these people keep flying when their plane crashes everytime. (I think the flashback scenes were a bit confusing)

Drinking - Hawiaan punch water mix in's.

Laughing - At the girls each night, as we seem to be putting on nightly productions!

Craving - Watermelon, Broccoli, and lettuce.

Listening - To Tenth Avenue North album The Struggle.... kinda A lot.

Feeling - Exhausted and hopeful.

Appreciating - My church family back in the states. And how they support me emotionally, spiritually, and in every sense of the word.

Frustrated -  That I am always waiting for something or someone.

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